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New Starbucks App Feature Will Allow You To Order Your Drink Ahead Of Time! Someone Call NASA, Because It's Finally The Future!!

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Starbucks is looking to change the way we order our coffee forever!

You know how people say there's an app for EVERYTHING these days? Well it turns out they're right!!

Most coffee addicts out there are already aware that Starbucks has a mobile app that allows you to pay for your drinks and keep track of your reward points!

But a new feature that will be added to the app is going to change the way we drink coffee FOREVER!

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Heroes Spin-Off Miniseries Will Feature Some Familiar Faces! Find Out Everything You Need To Know About Heroes Reborn HERE!

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heroes reborn

We went from hero to zero back to hero again!

Heroes Reborn, the miniseries based on the smashing success Heroes on NBC, will feature some appearances from the original show!

Hiro! Hiro! Hiro!

Well, we hope Hiro makes an appearance or two or nine!

Here's what Robert Greenblatt, NBC's entertainment chairman, had this to say on the upcoming miniseries:

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Amy Adams' Janis Joplin Flick Is On The Cusp Of Production If Lee Daniels Directs It

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About damn time!

Amy Adams has been attached to star as Janis Joplin in the biopic Get It While You Can since 2010, but producers have had a tough time finding a suitable director — until now!

Precious filmmaker Lee Daniels is in talks to take on the independent project. If he can be convinced to make the movie, production will finally begin in 2013!

The guy just

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Entourage's Movie Screenplay Is ALMOST Done!

The boys are back in town!

On paper anyway…

Doug Ellin has revealed that he is on page 110 of his screenplay for the Entourage movie and is praying that he's "gonna finish by Sunday."

Even though the hit HBO comedy about a couple of friends living the male Hollywood fantasy ended a year ago, the movie will take place 6 months after the final episode. Ellin himself explain in an email to sources:

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Elton John Producing Animated Nerds Movie

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Elton John Kung Fu

Elton John conquered the musical world several decades ago, but lately he's been focusing on dominating the box office.

His production shingle, Rocket Pictures, most recently scored some big returns with the animated feature Gnomeo and Juliet and hopes to continue that success with other animated flicks.

Not only is the company developing a project from the director of Shrek 2, but

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Facebook Copies Google+ With New Feature

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You know what's cool about Google+? They have circles that lets you put your friends, families, co-workers, and associates into particular categories so that you can choose who you want to see on your homepage.

Guess what? Facebook is doing is doing the same thing. Except, instead of circles, Facebook labels the new feature with "lists."

And what's worse is that your friends can actually SEE which categories you put them in, which means you're probably going to create quite a few enemies. In fact, the lists even show up on your FB profile.

WTF?! SO not cool, Facebook! The whole point of creating all these new privacy features is so that we can HIDE info from our FB friends, not SHOW them more. UGH!

Luckily, you can turn this feature off, but ONLY by following a few steps on an area of their Help page, which most users may not even know about.

Get it together, Facebook. You aren't making your users too happy.

UPDATE: Reps from Facebook have revealed to us that "Friend Lists will not appear on your profile page. We are discontinuing that feature with this launch."

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Tweet-Happy Twitter Users, Beware! Your Messages Could Get Hidden…

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twitter counters against people who overtweet

Do you tweet WAY too much? If so, your messages MIGHT not come across to your followers anymore.

A new Twitter feature will condense multiple tweets in a row by the same user into one item, with an option to expand and view all the tweets.

Sounds like a wonderful feature to us! We totally approve!

Do U like the sound of this new feature? Or would U prefer to see all of your tweets, even if there are TONS in a row by the same user?

P.S. CLICK HERE to "follow" Perez on Twitter!

P.P.S. CLICK HERE to "like" Perez on Facebook!

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