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So Sad!! Cat Taken To Vet For Flea Bath, Gets Euthanized For No Reason

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Colleen Conlon had a special bond with her cat, Lady. She was a gift from her late daughter, who died in a car accident in 2010.

And when Lady and her other cat, Little Bit, caught fleas, her vet, Dr. Muhammad Malik, told her to come to his office and give the cats a flea bath.

So Conlon's son, Jesse, brought Lady in first, signed the paperwork and went on his merry way.

When Jesse came back with Little Bit

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Prevent Your Pets From Getting Parasites!

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Fleas. Ticks. Worms. There are a lot of pesky parasites that can make your pet sick.

So how do we protect our four legged friends?

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Q&A: Ineffective Flea Treatment

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Anyone who has pets has to worry about fleas and ticks.

Usually, it's just a matter of treating them… but what if that treatment stops being so effective?

Dr. Patrick Mahaney is here to the rescue, and to answer TeddyHilton.com reader, Angela's question.

Hi Teddy!

What does your vet recommend for flea control?

We have two malti-poos approximately 12 and 15 lbs each. We have been using Frontline plus for the last 4 years and until recently it worked fine.

However, the last few months, it hasn't had the same effectiveness as before. We have noticed that it only lasts about two to three weeks when it used to last 30 days.

Can you recommend another brand that works better?

Thank you!


Dr. Patrick responded:

Hello Angela,

Thank you for your question. Many pet owners ask for suggestions as to the best flea control for their pet. Unfortunately, there is no once correct answer.

I don't suggest the use of over the counter flea products, as such products (in my experience) are more commonly seen in adverse reactions.

Also, it is best that your veterinarian advises you on the most appropriate product to you on your dogs. Frontline is an effective anti-parasite treatment for fleas and ticks. Advantage provides effective topical flea control, while Comfortis offers the same but is oral.

Occasionally, there is failure of a product to work effectively if it is not applied correctly. Make sure to apply the product approximately 48 hours post-bathing (or at least 48 hrs before) and in a "strip" between the shoulder blades. Just make sure that the location to which it is applied is not within reach of your dog (or your other pets or kids).

Ideally, you can reduce your pet's reliance on anti-parasite treatments by reducing their exposure. Avoid environments where there is a heavy flea/tick population. Frequently put your hands on your pet, and use a flea comb or separate hairs down to the skin to look for fleas, flea dirt (flea feces, which is your pet's blood that appears like "pepper flakes" on the skin), or ticks.

Additionally, keep your home thoroughly vacuumed and empty the canister/throw away the bag in a trash bag outside of your home. As flea eggs can hatch into larvae and emerge into adults inside a vacuum bag, don't just put your vacuum back into the closet. Finally, wash your pets' and your bedding at least on a weekly basis, then put the cloth items into the dryer.

Good luck with controlling external parasites on your pet and in your home.


Have any pet questions? Tweet them to Dr. Patrick HERE!! OR Check him out on facebook!

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Ask A Vet With Dr. Jennifer Scarlett On Fleas

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Dr. Jennifer Scarlett has done another 'Ask a Vet from the SF SPCA'.

Someone wrote in:

We do not treat our 5-year old Maltipoo for fleas - and he never seems to have a problem. Recently though, we visited another household where there were two other dogs, both treated with flea medication. After a day-long visit, our pooch had fleas all over him and the other dogs were still flea-less. Why did that happen? What can we do to make sure he doesn't get fleas on his next visit?

Dr. Jennifer Scarlett responded:

Gotcha! As compared to days gone by when it was common to use organophosphates on pets the products available now to prevent and control fleas are great.

Even the best products like Advantage, Frontline and Comfortis are not perfect—so they may kill 95 to 99% of the fleas, but they don’t stop flea eggs from hatching. Many of the old pyrethrin based products are much less effective. The problem might not stem from the dogs themselves, but from the environment. Flea eggs can hang around in the nooks and crannies of a house and continue to hatch, develop and feed on pets and people.

Most likely some of the fleas that were newly hatched from the eggs in the house had a feeding frenzy on your virginal pup! I recommend one of the newer effective flea medications—the new long lasting oral product is my favorite. You’ll need to see your vet to get it, but it is really reasonably priced. Oh, and if your dog brought fleas home, then the bad news is that there still there. You’ll need to use a product that has an insect growth regulator to kill the eggs they laid in your house to get rid of them. You can call our pharmacy – we carry a really good, non-toxic powder. Fleas are tough little buggers. Good luck.

So remember, don't poison your pet with the wrong flea medicine but do talk to your vet about safe ways to protect them from fleas.

It's easier to prevent fleas from happening than it is to remove a flea infestation from your home.


[Image via Michael Wright/WENN.]

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