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Sex And The City Alum Jason Lewis Apologizes After Getting Caught Shooting At Stray Cats! WTF?!

Sex and the City alum Jason Lewis is in big trouble for shooting stray cats with a rifle! WTF?!

[Warning: Potentially Triggering Content]

What were you thinking, Jason Lewis?!

The Sex & The City alum got into a heated argument with a neighbor in recent days after she caught him firing a RIFLE at some feral cats in an attempt to shoo them away from his front yard. Now, the actor is apologizing for his actions and acknowledging that he might have “made the wrong choice.” Ummm… yeah, probably so, dude!

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Apparently what was going on started way back this past September, when one of the actor’s neighbors died. After that person’s death, their cats were sort of left about the house, and they’ve become feral while hanging around every day. Another one of Lewis’ neighbors has been feeding them lately in a bid to get them to trust her enough that she can take them in, rehabilitate them, and re-home them, according to TMZ.

For his part, though, Lewis had allegedly grown increasingly frustrated with the cat situation because they were “pooping in his yard,” according to the media outlet. Ooookay… seems like a pretty minor thing there, but we get it, it was probably pretty annoying.

Still, what Lewis did next was NOT smart: according to Jason’s own explanation, he apparently decided that if he filled a shotgun with grains of rice (?!) and shot the rice in the direction of the cats, it wouldn’t hurt them but also “show them he means business” and drive them off his property once and for all. Dude… what?!

Predictably, when he pulled his shotgun out and tried to enact that plan, he terrified his neighbors and drew a ton of un-wanted attention to himself — not to mention scaring the hell out of the poor cats.

As you can see (below, scroll through the clips here from the neighbor in the embedded post), Jason’s little shotgun stunt didn’t go over so well:

Yeah… dude, what on earth are you thinking?! That’s not the way to go about anything!

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For his part, Lewis has apparently seen the error of his ways enough to at least publicly apologize. He told TMZ on Saturday (below):

“Everyone who knows me knows my love of animals. I’ve tried for months to work with a person who is coming into the neighborhood and feeding a large group of feral cats in an effort to relocate them as they have been filling the yards with fleas and waste. I made the wrong choice in shooting rice into the dirt (not toward the cats) to spook with the noise and scare them away. To fellow animal lovers that I disappointed, I’m sorry.”

Oooookay then! Obviously, there were much better ways to go about this than pulling out a shotgun, rice or bullets or whatever!

What do U think, Perezcious readers?  This is not exactly what we expected would be happening this weekend, but here we are! The world takes all kinds, we suppose… Sigh…

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[Image via PNP/WENN]

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