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Ariana Grande Is A-Okay & Talking After Vocal Chord Hemorrhage Rumors!

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We were totes worried Ariana Grande was having the best and worst week ever, but it looks like it's back to being the best!

After snagging the #1 spot with her debut album, it seemed like tragedy was hitting this little lady hard as rumors came out that she suffered a vocal chord hemorrhage that was forcing her to cancel concerts.

But now, it looks like it's all a little issue that got blown WAY out of proportion!

Ariana posted an Instagram vid online to explain what really happened and how she's feeling now.

Ch-ch-check it out (above)!

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Jeremy London's Wife Hospitalized!

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Oh no!

Only a few short days after being admitted into Celebrity Rehab, Jeremy London's wife has been admitted to the hospital.

Sources say that Melissa Cunningham suffered a brain hemorrhage last Sunday and was rushed to a local El Lay hospital. The facility has not released any further information about her condition.

Poor thing!

Here's hoping she pulls through. Stay strong, BB!

[Image via WENN.]

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Bret Michaels Still Not 100% Healthy!

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He better take it easy!

Bret Michaels is still dealing with side effects after his brain hemorrhage in April and warning stroke.

Janna Elisa, V.P. of Michaels Entertainment says, "He still has pain from the chemical meningitis, short term memory loss and gets fatigued quicker than normal."

But she adds that Bret "feels the music is a powerful healer" so he continues to hit the road!

His doctor finds Bret's recovery amazing! Dr. Zabramski explains:

"Between 15 and 20 percent of patients die as a result of the initial hemorrhage, and only approximately 50 percent of those that survive have a good outcome.

"For anyone to speculate that this was not a life threatening medical emergency is absolutely incorrect. Bret is truly one of the most determined individuals I have ever met when it comes to an attempt at making a full recovery."

Keep up the good work, Bret — but be sure to listen to your body!

[Image via AP Images.]

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Bret Michaels Will Perform Tonight Despite Doctor's Orders

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Bret Michaels is quite the trooper!

Despite his doctors orders to stay off his feet, the rocker will perform tonight at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Biloxi, MS.

Even though he had a check-up yesterday and was told everything was fine, Bret's doctor says he's still not "100%."

Sources say that precautions are being taken though, saying that "Bret will be slower on stage … not a lot of dancing and will take it easy" as well as making sure there's "medical personnel" in the house just in case.

You should probably listen to your doctors, Bret! You need to take it easy and slow down!

[Image via WENN.]

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Bret Michaels' Warning Stroke Connected To Brain Hemorrhage!

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Bret Michaels' doctor Joseph Zabramski is claiming that Bret's "warning stroke" that he suffered this week was likely linked to his recent brain hemorrhage and appendectomy.

Both of them can potentially cause blood clots inside of blood vessels, causing the stroke.

But he commends Bret for getting to the hospital so fast so they could diagnose the problem and get him on the mend immediately.

We're still thinking of you, Bret!

[Image via WENN.]

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