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Nancy Grace Wants Sister Wives' Kody Behind Bars!

nancy grace thinks that kody from sister wives belongs in jail

Nancy Grace has issues with the cast of TLC's reality show Sister Wives…especially Kody, the show's lead male who has four wives.

Here's what Nancy Grace had to say about bigamy charges that have come up against Kody:

Utah does recognize common law marriage, but in this case bigamy trumps common law. He should go to jail.

Here's Nancy on the show being used as evidence against Kody:

Video evidence is the best evidence. The cameras don’t lie. But forget what’s aired, there’s a mountain of unaired footage that will come into evidence too.

Nancy on what would happen to the family's children if Kody went to jail:

If found guilty, the children could be removed. Historically with so many polygamous families in the state the children won’t be removed unless abuse is shown.

On whether or not Kody, or his wives, could in fact go to jail:

The law is the law — bigamy is a 3rd degree felony in Utah. Those participating in the crime face a maximum of five years in prison and a $5,000 fine. But most likely, Utah will turn a blind eye, as usual.

Nancy on what proof would be necessary to put Kody, or the Sister Wives, behind bars:

That someone already married, purports to marry or co-habitate with another in addition to their spouse — or?? — If you know the other has a husband or wife and purport to marry or co-habitate with them, that’s also a crime.

And finally, what Nancy Grace thinks will happen to Kody and the Sister Wives:

When you don’t know a horse, look at his track record. Even with the family taunting authorities on national TV, it’s unlikely Utah will prosecute although clearly, they should!

Looks like SOMEBODY won't be ordering Season One of Sister Wives when it comes out on DVD on December 7th!

Do U agree with Nancy Grace? Should Kody go to jail? How about the Sister Wives?

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Sister Wives Farewell Brings In Big Ratings!

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sister wives high ratings finale

Champagne for everyone at TLC! Once again, they have managed to milk super ratings out of a show based on having multiples.

Children, wives, it's all the same!

Sister Wives had its season finale last night and when it shall return, who knows. We do know that the show got some pretty high ratings, bringing in 2.7 million viewers, the highest rating of the season.

Hooray polygamy!

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Sister Wives Defend Lifestyle on Oprah

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Watch the video (above) to see the stars of TLC's Sister Wives defend their polygamous lifestyle.

Considering they are facing charges and may have their 16 children taken away, it's getting pretty intense.


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Polygamy's Cool, Y'all!

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sister wives husband kody brown talks polygamy versus promiscuity

So says polygamist sexlord! Ugh!

Kody Brown, pimp daddy star of TLC's Sister Wives, wants us all to wise up and come over to his way of thinking. You know, that God thinks its cool to have a bunch of wives! (But not vice versa! Never vice versa!)

Speaking to a random college newspaper, Kody explained that his wives and kiddies are "not felons", but a "family". He continues to preach and asks why it seems to be morally expectable for people to have multiple sexual partners, but not spouses. He says:

“If you take off the need for secrecy in polygamy then you will open the door more and more..If I wanted sex with a lot of women there is a lot of barhopping I could do. It’s not something I’m interested in. I’m interested in a family, raising my children. If it were all about sex there’s just other easier venues, way easier.”

Um, ew. We're grossed out enough that four women have committed their lady parts to your Billy Ray Cyrus knockoff junk, let alone the thought of the entire state of Utah! Bleck!

This guy just does not get it…and his is beyond creepy!

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TLC Stands By Their Ratings! No Plans To Pull Sister Wives!

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Even if the whole family gets tossed in jail!

TLC's band of bigamy show, Sister Wives, has stirred up a lot of conversation and controversy, the biggest of which is an extensive investigation against Kody Brown and his four wives. Should he and his ladies be found guilty of practicing polygamy (and we don't see how they couldn't be), the lot of them will be thrown in jail.

But don't worry, the kids show will be alright! TLC has pledged to continue to run the program, even if the family is arrested. Good to note that should they be found guilty, the sentence can be as high as five years!


Now, in all seriousness, who's going to watch those 13 kids if they all go to prison? It's them we're really concerned about!

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Sister Wives Family Say Show "Worth The Risk"

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See how much they care about those 13 kids they've got. Whose to take care of them if you're all in prison?!

As many of you are probably well aware, polygamy is illegal in the United States and bigamy isn't well received either, even in Utah, where the stars of the new TLC show Sister Wives reside. As we reported this morning, The Brown Family are under investigation for their untraditional lifestyle.

When reached for comment, the family admitted they were "disappointed in the announcement of an investigation", but that they realized what they were in for when they signed up for the the show. They say that the show is worth it:

"For the sake of our family, and most importantly, our kids, we felt it was a risk worth taking."

We'll see about that!

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Sister Wives Under Investigation For Felony Bigamy

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Took ya'll long enough!

Not surprisingly, a full investigation of the stars of Sister Wives is under way, looking into charging the family with felony bigamy, which is a third degree felony in Utah. Supposedly, police in Lehi, Utah have been looking into the untraditional practices of Kody Brown and his four wives even before the show premiered on TLC.

Lt. Darren Paul of the force reveals that once they have completed their investigation, "the evidence will be forwarded to the Utah County Attorney's Office for review and possible prosecution."

Make sure to record next week's episode to add to the evidence pile! That'll sure help your case! Oh, and their appearance on Good Morning America, where Kody flat out admits he is only lawfully married to one woman.

Good luck!

P.S. - Anyone else smelling the makings of the season finale???

[Image via WENN.]

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