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Sister Wives’ Christine Brown Says ‘Life Is So Great’ Amid Split -- While Robyn Laments The 'Family Is Crumbling'

Sister Wives’ Christine Brown Says ‘Life Is So Great’ After Kody Brown Split -- BUT Robyn Brown Admits The ‘Family Is Crumbling’

It sounds like only one person is thriving amid the Sister Wives breakup drama — the one who got away!

As we previously reported, Christine and Kody Brown announced their split on Instagram earlier this month after more than 25 years together. Christine revealed at the time that she made “the difficult decision to leave” the relationship after realizing they had “grown apart.”

Meanwhile, Kody expressed his “great deal of sadness” over their situation but pledged to co-parent their six children, Aspyn, Mykelti, Paedon, Gwendlyn, Ysabel, and Truely.

Following the shocking news, reports then came out claiming that the reason for Christine’s decision to leave may have had something to do with the 52-year-old’s close relationship with Robyn Brown over the past couple of years. A source for Us Weekly previously shared that the two have a strong connection since they’re both “devoted” to polygamy, saying:

“He was devoted to being polygamous so he kept that going for as long as he could. He serves God and believes being polygamous is his way to heaven, so it’s not necessarily about having to be in love with all your wives. It’s about who else is as devoted as he is.”

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And despite the insider also noting that Christine has been “really hurting,” it actually seems like the 49-year-old may be doing alright after everything that’s happened. According to People, the TLC star opened up about how single life has been going in a Cameo video sent to a fan, saying that she feels “like a much better person” since the split:

“Thank you for supporting me with leaving Kody. The decision was a long time coming and I feel like a much better person divorced than I ever did. Life is so great. I had no idea life could be simple.”

Wow! So much relief in those words!

Although Christine is no longer in a plural marriage with Kody, they have remained in contact while figuring out how they plan on co-parenting their children. As for how it’s been going though, she admitted there have been “good and bad days,” explaining:

“It’s a phenomenal world. It’s a whole new world. I hope Kody and I can still remain friends through this. We’ve been high-key communicating with each other and stuff. We have good and bad days, don’t get me wrong. But, we have a life still together after this because we have kids to raise and Truley’s 11. So we have to be good and amiable and things like that. I think it’s just important to remember that.”

She then added:

“I love being a mom. I love the relationship I have with my kids. It’s like I take them on dates — individual dates. It’s like my favorite thing to do with my kids. Just one-on-one time with them has been the biggest blessing of my life.”

Sounds like one-on-one time just works better for the Sister Wives star?

So while things may be great with Christine at the moment, it also turns out the rest of the family is kind of a wreck right now! In a new promo for season 16 of the reality series, one of the wives can be heard saying that Kody is struggling just before Christine walks away from him, saying:

“I don’t want to talk to you.”

Then, Janelle Brown told the group:

“You guys give me the property, and you can move.”

It finally cuts to Meri Brown with tears in her eyes as an emotional Robyn states:

“Our family is crumbling.”

This doesn’t sound good! You can ch-ch-check out the teaser (below):

We aren’t the only ones seeing the difference here.

A source told Us Weekly on Wednesday that the remaining sister wives have been influenced by Christine’s split from Kody to “reevaluate” their current situation:

“All the wives knew and were aware of the split, so it wasn’t news to them. If anything, it sort of inspired the others in one way or another to reevaluate their position.”

Based on everything we know, we feel like Janelle or Meri are most likely the next ones to jump ship! According to the outlet, Janelle doesn’t “often” see Kody and Robyn anymore, instead opting to spend some time over the summer in an RV at the family’s pad in Arizona and find a “new home.” She has also been “in constant communication” with Christine despite the former sister wife recently moving back to Utah. Additionally, things reportedly have been strained between Meri and Kody for several years now.

Who knows what will happen with the Brown family! What are your thoughts on this, Perezcious readers? Do you think Meri or Janelle plans on leaving soon? Let us know in the comments (below)!

[Image via TLC/YouTube]

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