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Taylor Swift Sexting Robert Pattinson?!


Whoa whoa whoa… our sweet, innocent Swifty trying to move in on Kristen Stewart's manz?!

NEVER… like ever!!

Well, as Taylor Swift says, never say never! Although it's hard for us to believe that Taylor would ever be after another lady's love!

But, rumor has it that now Tay is single, her deep blue gaze has settled on Twilight's main vamper Robert Pattinson, AND that girl's been sending him flirty texts of a "come hither' nature!

One source claims

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Kristen Stewart Can't Quit Contacting Robert Pattinson!

Kristen Stewart Phone Call 1

Has Kristen Stewart given up on winning Robert Pattinson back???

While it seems her cheating scandal with Rupert Sanders has damaged the couple’s relationship possibly beyond repair, it sounds like KStew is STILL holding out hope!

So much hope in fact, that she’s been desperately trying to get through to him in any way possible!

A source revealed:

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Alec Baldwin's Stalker: A Guide To Getting Your Man…


…to report you to the Popo!

Poor Alec!! These correspondences are cray cray and would make us shiver in our executive silk suits too!

Canadian "actress" and self-proclaimed future Mrs. Baldwin Genevieve Sabourin was arrested Sunday evening on five misdemeanor counts of harassment and stalking after showing up outside Alec's Manhattan home.

The deluded damsel sent the perfectly coifed Baldwin a series of incoherent ramblings lurve messages last week, which we would now like to share with all of you…AFTER THE JUMP!!!

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Robert Pattinson Secretly Texting Katy Perry??



Does Robert Pattinson have a wandering eye??

Even though he's apparently in a committed relationship with Kristen Stewart, the actor has been reaching out to newly-single Katy Perry through texting!

But no worries, KStew, there's no sexting going on.

A close friend says:

"Rob has been texting and calling Katy every day.

He’s just checking in on her. It’s not romantic at all. They’re friends.

All [of] Katy’s friends are concerned about how she’s dealing with it. Katy is doing amazing. She is over Russell and feels like she’s been set free. Her hair may be blue, but she isn’t!"

Phew! We bet KStew is breathing a sigh or relief right now… Secretly, of course, since we all know she's too cool for school!

Glad to hear Katy is doing better though! You're strong, gurl!

[Image via WENN.]

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Is Swizz Beatz Cheating On Alicia Keys??

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Say it ain't so!

Even though husband and wife Swizz Beatz and Alicia Keys looked like a "happily married couple" at Fashion Week this past weekend, it seems that there's trouble in paradise.

According to an insider, Swizz has been exchanging some salacious texts, including seksi photos, with a young lady named Christina Elizabeth. In the texts, Swizz tells her that he's going to fly her out when he travels to other cities for his gigs and that he wants to "f**k the sh*t out of her asap."

The two reportedly met back in 2007 at a birthday part for Solange and Swizz has been in contact with the 23-year-old ever since.

What a scumbag! And what makes this even sadder is that Swizz and Alicia have a young child together.

We were hoping you'd be good be good to our gurl, Swizz. So, so disappointing.

[Image via WENN.]

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Charlie Sheen Texts Porn Stars, Tells Them The Party Is Over

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Charlie Sheen is pretending to be serious about treatment and is letting his porn stars know that he's closed for business….

By texting them!


Charlie told his porn friends in text form to "Please lose the number, we are closed … please drive through … thank you."

While another text reads, "Right now we are on lockdown."

This guy is unbelievable! Why even bother texting them?

We'll never understand how the Sheen mind works.

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Ashton Loves To pAArty!

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And so does his alleged mistress Brittney Jones!

"She's a total party animal. She drinks every night, and openly talks about being an alcoholic," claims a source. "I only saw her smoke pot and stuff like that… but I'd almost guarantee you she's done everything in the book."

But she's not keeping her drug use to herself - Brittney likes to spread the wealth with Ashton Kutcher!

The homewrecker sent a text offering to get her movie star friend some herbal entertainment.

"Yeah! Whenever you want I always have weed to share :)" Brittney texted.

But Kutcher must have been pretty desperate considering her behavior the night they met at Lucky Strike bowling alley in Hollywood.

The source continued:

"She was such a train wreck that we all didn't even want to hook up with her. She was constantly talking about how she's been an alcoholic for years and drinks every day; drinks a bottle of wine a day and all this other stuff."


[Image via WENN.]

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