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Adrianne Curry Celebrates Breast Implant Removal By Working Out Topless

Adrianne Curry Celebrates Breast Reduction By Working Out Topless

In case you hadn’t seen, Adrianne Curry is living a very different lifestyle these days.

The original America’s Next Top Model winner walked away from modeling and reality TV a couple years ago. She got married, moved to Montana, and hasn’t looked back. She works as an Avon lady now!

Part of taking the girl out of Hollywood was taking Hollywood out of the girl. And by that we mean removing her breast implants earlier this year.

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The one-time Surreal Life star has been very open about all these changes on Instagram, about the reasons behind the surgery and the difficulties. But now she’s on the other side and all she’s doing is celebrating! On Thursday she wrote an entire post just gushing about all the ways having her implants out made her feel better:

“The best thing about #explanting my cartoon chest is my ability to lay on my stomach. I can’t even describe to you the feeling of having two uncomfortable plastic sacks crammed under your pectorals, let alone attempting to lie down on them.”

But it wasn’t just laying on her stomach she was missing, as she soon realized:

“I hadn’t slept without a bra on for 14 years. It was horrifically uncomfortable to not confine them. I also grew so used to having to build my life, workouts, EVERYTHING around the restrictions of these body modifications. It wasn’t till now, having rid myself of them, do I realize how poor my quality of life was.”

And there was another thing she was missing when she had implants — and it’s a little, well, sensitive…

“I am still sore when hyper extending….but I am able to do SO much more. My surgery is allowing me to ambulate in ways I forgot I was capable of. . I had lost ALL feeling in my nipples. You could chop em off and I wouldn’t have known. @florencemussatmd worked miracles. Not only are my nipples alive again, they’re adorable and the boobs I am left with are looking cute as all hell. I never thought they would…but I have 25 year old looking titties…and I ain’t mad at it.”

So with her newfound freedom of movement, Adrianne lived the dream, saying:

“Today, I worked out without a top. It was awesome”

LOLz! The ancient Greek way! Very happy for you! (Let’s just hope she was talking about at her home gym. Ha!

And then because she’s still a pro — she also had to add:

Face full of avon…. Of course.”

Of course!

Ch-ch-check out the post — with accompanying pic — for yourself (below)!

[Image via Adrianne Curry/Instagram.]

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