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Alex Murdaugh Sending Out Super Cringe Shirtless Selfies From Prison?!

Alex Murdaugh Shirtless Selfies Prison

Those looking for justice? We’re not sure how they’re going to feel about these new pics. Because it kinda looks like Alex Murdaugh is having the time of his 25-to-life.

The South Carolina lawyer, who was easily found guilty back in March of murdering his wife Maggie and their 22-year-old son Paul, is actually serving two consecutive life sentences. But who’s counting? Not him — he’s living it up and sending shirtless selfies, apparently!

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Murdaugh is stuck in protective custody in a maximum security prison in SC, and he’s allowed to use a tablet. We imagine it’s so he doesn’t climb the walls of his tiny cell — and doesn’t get tempted to harm himself or anyone else. But the way he’s entertaining himself is a little more cringe than playing Fruit Ninja. A YouTube channel called Phone Calls From Prison got hold of some leaked images, and they are… *ick* doesn’t quite cover it… See for yourself (below):

Well, at least they’re penal photos, and not, well… you know.

Pretty strange to think of a convicted double-murderer — who has also been implicated in numerous other crimes and still faces trial for those — just getting freaky with some selfies.

The question is, was he sending these to someone on the outside? Is he allowed to do that? Does the man have secret admirers like other famous murderers?? Because *double ick*.

What do YOU think of how Murdaugh is spending his prison time??

[Image via WLTX/Phone Calls From Prison/YouTube.]

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