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Amy Robach & TJ Holmes’ ‘Very Active Sex Life' Giving ‘Extra Stamina’ For NYC Half Marathon!

(c) Amy Robach & TJ Holmes’ ‘Very Active Sex Life’ Has Given Them ‘Extra Stamina’ For The NYC Half Marathon!

Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes may have lost a lot from their affair, but they’ve gained something in return — a whole lotta stamina.

If you’ve followed the former co-hosting duo for any stretch of time, you’ll probably be familiar with their affinity for cardio — and it sounds like their “intimate workouts” have only helped! According to, the two are taking their love to the streets of New York this weekend, where they plan to participate in the annual NYC Half Marathon! It’s not their first time, but it is their first time as a couple… And all their extramarital rendezvous may have given them a leg up! A source told the outlet Wednesday: 

“They are in the best shape of their lives, and one reason is their very active sex life. Are they into the Kama Sutra? I can’t say. But besides their intense training their private intimate workouts give them that extra added stamina.”

Definitely a mental image that we won’t soon forget — especially while watching them compete. Who needs a tortoise when you have two bunnies, right?

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You may remember seeing the controversial couple run in the NYC Marathon together back in November, just weeks before news of their affair broke. Before that, they trained together for last March’s half marathon, which we’d previously heard played a role in their eventual connection. The insider corroborated that claim, saying: 

“T.J. and Amy have gone full circle. Their relationship blossomed into more than friendship when they were training for the half marathon last year. And now, a year later, they are committed lovers set to prove their mettle in the race this weekend.”

Guess they ran their way into each other’s hearts. (And out of their respective marriages…)

The outlet added that when T.J. took up running alongside avid advocate Amy, the two began to form a bond, before hanging out socially as a foursome with one another’s spouses. Awkwardly enough, you can even see the 45-year-old draping his arm around Amy’s ex-husband, Andrew Shue, in an Instagram post which shows off her training “posse” from last year. She captioned it at the time: 

“Amazing group and incredible weather today… our half marathon posse slaying final long training run”

See for yourself below, as well as some snaps of the two on the actual race day:

Who would have thought that just a year later, T.J. would be taking a walk in Andrew’s running shoes… Remember, we just reported that the affair all started because Andrew “wasn’t supporting her” running goals enough. Uh huh…

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You may even remember a sexually-charged marathon interview clip from last year, where Amy forecasted, “we’re both going to be finishers,” which made T.J.’s jaw drop! Plays very differently in retrospect. Ch-ch-check it out (below):

Yikes! Were they telling us something all along?

What are YOUR thoughts on Amy and T.J.’s newfound stamina, Perezcious readers? And how awkward are those pics and that interview in retrospect?? Sound OFF in the comments (below)!

[Images via Amy Robach/Instagram]

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Mar 15, 2023 15:52pm PDT

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