Amy Schumer Owns Her HBO Special: ‘You’re Made To Feel Really Weird And Disgusting If You’re A Girl Who Loves To Have Sex’

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She did NOT hold back!

Amy Schumer had an HBO special that aired on Saturday night, and the comedian wasn’t interested in shying away from controversial topics and smart, opinionated rants!

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The 34-year-old timed it perfectly, commenting in the wake of Jennifer Lawrence‘s essay on unequal pay via gender discrimination within Hollywood, and Schumer had some pointed criticisms about how there’s a double standard among men and women in the entertainment industry:

“I’m labeled a sex comic. I think it’s just ’cause I’m a girl. I feel like a guy could get up here and literally pull his dick out, and everyone would be like, ‘He’s a thinker.'”

Obviously referring to the fact that male comics are allowed more leeway with sexual jokes than women, Schumer was none too happy about the media’s role in promoting outdated notions of sex, sexuality, and gender for young girls:

“I just think that sex is explained incorrectly as far as men and women’s roles go. It’s like we’re all told over and over again men love sex, and women just deal with it. Right? Like every article, every sitcom, it’s always the guy getting home from work like, ‘Honey, how about tonight?’ And she’s always like, ‘Blah.’ You’re made to feel really weird and disgusting if you’re a girl who loves to have sex.”


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It wasn’t all social commentary for Schumer, though — she did make the audience laugh, too! In one particularly memorable exchange, she told the crowd — at the Apollo Theater in Harlem, New York — about the time she was given a personal trainer for the movie Trainwreck.

Amy recounted how, being notoriously uninterested in fitness, she felt bad about the trainer, who tried to:

“Look brave [while working with Amy] like you would for a burn victim.”


Love Amy’s serious comments and the funny stuff in her routine — what’d U think of her special last night? Did U watch it??

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Oct 18, 2015 4:09pm PST

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