Amy Schumer Posts Her Arrest Video — And Gives Taylor Swift A Shout Out!

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Amy Schumer Posts Her Arrest Video!

Amy Schumer is ready to fight the patriarchy! 

The I Feel Pretty star took to Twitter on Wednesday to share a video documenting her time protesting the confirmation of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh last week — which ended with her, along with 300 others, getting arrested.

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Along with empowering shots of the protest, the minute-long clip showed Schumer triumphantly walking out of the police station after being released from custody. Fist in the air, don’t care!

The comedian also gave a shout out to the newly political Taylor Swift in her tweet, thanking the pop star for encouraging followers to vote in the upcoming midterm election.

See Schumer hard at work (below).

[Image via Brian To/WENN]

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Margot Robbie Replacing Amy Schumer In The ‘Barbie’ Movie!

WHO'S A Barbie Girl Now?

Margot Robbie In Talks To Replace Amy Schumer In 'Barbie' Movie!

The Barbie movie is finally coming together — in a very different way.

The controversial casting of Amy Schumer is well behind us, as is the chance of Anne Hathaway as her replacement.

In fact, the entire premise of a Barbie exiled to the real world may be out as Sony officially missed their window; after 4 years of failing to bring Barbie to life, the rights reverted back to toy company Mattel.

Video: Meanwhile Amy Is Getting Arrested…

Now a deal is reportedly in place with Warner Bros, and according to The Hollywood Reporter, Margot Robbie is in talks to star as the world’s most famous doll!

The Suicide Squad star’s relationship with WB has been nothing but golden with followup Birds Of Prey adding cast members now.

No news yet on the new take, but sources say none other than Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins is circling the project as well!

{OMG please let the Barbies have bows and arrows…}

What do YOU think of the potential new casting??

[Image via Apega/Joseph Marzullo/WENN.]

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Amy Schumer & Emily Ratajkowski Arrested At Kavanaugh Protest


Amy Schumer & Emily Ratajkowski Arrested Protesting Kavanaugh!

Amy Schumer and Emily Ratajkowski were arrested on Thursday. Because we live in a country where protesters and asylum seekers get detained while criminals get to be president.

Along with thousands of others, the celebs took to D.C. to protest the confirmation of SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

Video: Watch John Oliver Destroy Kavanaugh’s Testimony

Outside the Hart Senate Office Building, where Senators are still “deciding” on their votes, the protesters were evacuated. Some who refused to leave were lined up and detained, including both actresses.

In a video of the incident, an officer asks “You want to get arrested?” and Schumer can be seen saying in defiance, “Yes.”

Ratajkowski shared her personal experience on Instagram, writing:

Kavanaugh not only faces a credible account of teen sexual assault, he was also allegedly caught perjuring himself on several points throughout his nomination process.

The FBI investigation, which was not even allowed to include interviews with the accused or the accuser — not to mention dozens of other witnesses who came forward in the press to say they could refute Kavanaugh’s testimony about his drinking habits — ended a day early, and the vote to confirm “Bart” was scheduled before anyone even got a look at the report.

This push is men sweeping the concerns of women under the rug, plain and simple and horrifying.

Here’s Amy speaking in front of the crowd earlier in the day:

[Image via Emily Ratajkowski/Instagram/Amee Vanderpool/Twitter.]

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Aziz Ansari & Amy Schumer Perform Standup Sets At The Same Club Where Louis C.K. Surprised Audience

Ready Or Not

Aziz Ansari Performs Surprise Standup Set At The Comedy Cellar

Aziz Ansari is ready to make a comeback less than a year after battling accusations from the #MeToo movement — and just like fellow disgraced comic Louis C.K., that comeback included a surprise set at the Comedy Cellar in Greenwich Village.

According to TMZ, the Master of None star was one of three surprise guests on Sunday where he, along with Amy Schumer and Jeff Ross, performed about 20-25 minutes of well received stand-up.

The set comes months after an anonymous woman publicly accused the comedian of pressuring her into oral sex after the two went on a date in September 2017.

The 35-year-old did not address these accusations in his set over the weekend — not directly, at least. Greenwich Time reports that Ansari’s new set covers “sex, relationships, internet outrage, news coverage, racism and ‘self-righteous wokeness.’”

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Ansari also performed at the Comedy Cellar back in May, and, in recent weeks, has graced stages in Philadelphia, Milwaukee, Nashville, Chester, and his home state South Carolina, where he reportedly received mixed reviews.

After Ansari took to Instagram last week to announce he would be performing new material, some cried that his road to redemption was, like C.K., premature. But unlike C.K., Ansari’s vilification has been thought by many as evidence that #MeToo had gone too far.

Three of the four venues the Parks and Recreation alum will be visiting in the upcoming weeks added additional shows after the initial shows sold out. So, it looks like comedy venues, audiences, and Amy Schumer have forgiven Ansari whether you’re ready to or not.

[Image via Brian To/WENN]

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Amy Schumer Celebrates 6 Months Of Marriage To Chris Fischer With A Cute (& Hilarious) Post!


Amy Schumer Celebrates 6 Months Of Marriage To Chris Fischer With A Cute (& Hilarious) Post!

It’s been six months of marital bliss for Amy Schumer!

The I Feel Pretty star took to Instagram on Monday to commemorate being married to Chris Fischer for a half a year.

Photo: No, Amy Isn’t Pregnant

Sharing a barefaced selfie alongside her husband and her dog, the 37-year-old wrote:

Good to see becoming a wife hasn’t changed her sense of humor.

[Image via Instagram.]

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Amy Schumer Accidentally Shared Pregnancy Reveal — Which Is Funny Considering…

Amy Schumer Accidentally Shared Pregnancy Reveal — Which Is Funny Considering…

no title

Amy Schumer is NOT pregnant! But you wouldn’t know it from her Instagram.

The Trainwreck star posted a beautiful photo at a vacation spot on Thursday — one in which she appeared to be holding her tummy.

Video: Amy Schumer & More Stars Tell 1 Immigrant Mother’s Story

Even worse, the newlywed — who married BF Chris Fischer earlier this year –captioned it with the phrase “cookin somethin up,” which many followers took to refer to a “bun in the oven”!

Just check out some of the responses (below): (more…)

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