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Woman Claims She Was Hired To Stop Andy Dick From Creeping On Young Actors

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A woman says she was once hired as a handler on an NBC production to prevent Andy Dick from sexually harassing the young cast.
Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, the unnamed woman claims she was working as a nonunion extra on the 2001 high school sitcom Go Fish, which centered around high school students played by Kieran Culkin, Kyle Sabihy, Taylor Handley, Adam Brody, and JoAnna Garcia Swisher.
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The short-lived series also starred Dick, who, according to the woman, had been “cornering underage actors and saying nasty sexually explicit things.” She claimed that after shooting several episodes, she was pulled into a meeting with producers and “higher-ups” who gave her a sort of promotion: blocking Dick from having conversations with the younger cast on set.
She recalled being instructed:

“Any time you see Andy approach one of the actors, just butt into the conversation like, ‘Hey guys, what’s going on.’ In my 20-year-old mind, I knew that it was a shady situation, but I wasn’t worried about Andy Dick and so I said yes.”

In exchange, producers promised the aspiring actress that she would do enough work on the show to obtain her SAG card.
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Dick, of course, wasn’t her biggest fan:

“Needless to say Andy hated me and groaned, rolled his eyes and sighed anytime he saw me come around.”

But her attempts to Dick block could only go so far. She claims that one of the actors, who was 19 at the time, once escaped Dick’s dressing room after the actor allegedly tried to lock him in and expose his penis.
The whole experience was so awful, it caused her to leave the business and pursue a career in music teaching.
Her claims come amid a public re-examination of the comedian’s decades-long history of sexual misconduct and inappropriate behavior following his recent sexual battery charge in Los Angeles.
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