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Anna Duggar Has Fans Confused With Her Latest Cryptic Social Media Activity...

Anna Duggar Has Fans Flummoxed With Her Latest Cryptic Social Media Activity...

Could Anna Duggar have issued a super-secret cryptic cry-out with one of her latest activities on Twitter?!

So the theory goes online this week, at least. Now, fans of the Counting On fam are pondering whether disgraced former reality TV star Josh Duggar‘s wife is low-key revealing some kind of personal or familial struggle on the social media app. This controversy actually started back on Monday of this week, even though it took fans a couple days to get the picture. On that day, Fox News host Tucker Carlson tweeted a video about the ongoing opioid epidemic happening in many parts of the country.

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Along with the clip from his news show, the controversial TV host wrote a message about the dangers of addiction to and abuse of prescription medications:

“Drugs aren’t the answer to every human problem. People are more than just a collection of chemicals. They’re human beings. They have souls. If they’re sad or sick, Pfizer may not be the solution.”

Tucker’s tweet is germane because Anna “liked” it. She doesn’t like many tweets. In fact, including Tucker’s message, she’s only liked three tweets ALL YEAR!! So clearly, his discussion on the opioid issue must mean something to her.

As you can see (below), that like is still shown on Anna’s profile as of Friday morning, too:

Anna Duggar cryptically likes Tucker Carlson tweet about the opioid epidemic.
Anna showed her implicit support for Tucker’s take by being one of those 22,000 likes. / (c) Anna Duggar/Twitter


FWIW, Tucker’s video talks opioids, but he also pivots in the middle and discusses what he feels are some of the problems with antidepressants, too. So there is more there than just the opioid epidemic angle.

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Also, LOLz at any Duggar family member liking that Elon Musk tweet below it about big families and congratulating those who have a lot of children… Jeez! Anyway, Reddit users noticed Anna’s activity a few days later and pondered the meaning on that social media site. The fans and followers called out the mom of seven for the supposedly shrouded meaning behind her online activity:

“There’s no amount of pills would take away the horror of being married to Josh Duggar.”

“I wonder if this means her husband was forced to have a mental health evaluation in prison.”

“We don’t know what Anna went thru behind closed doors.”

“It’s all prayer, prayer, right wing memes, and more prayer. It’s really, really f’g sad, not just for her, but for anyone else whose mental health relies solely on prayer and wishing bad thoughts away.”

“I’m reading this as a projection really. She’s depressed and was thinking of the options. But come hell or high water, she’s not taking pills. So rail against the one thing that could be offered, aside from, you know, leaving her pervert husband.”

“Getting Medical Advice from Tucker Carlson is just proof of how moronic this woman is!”

Not even gonna argue with that last point…

Obviously, it’s just a Twitter like. And Tucker is definitely right (ugh) with one part of the messaging, at least — the opioid epidemic has absolutely and tragically ravaged large parts of the country. So maybe Anna is just lamenting what drugs have done to people near her home base in Arkansas? Or could there be something more to it?

What do U think, Perezcious readers?? Share your opinion down in the comments (below).

[Image via Anna Duggar/Instagram/40/29 News/YouTube]

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