Antonio Banderas Reveals He Had A Minor Heart Attack In January!

Antonio Banderas admits he suffered minor heart attack.

We’re SO glad to hear he’s okay!

Antonio Banderas revealed to Spanish journalists during a press conference in his home town of Malaga, Spain Saturday that he had suffered a minor heart attack back in late January.

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The Mask of Zorro star said:

“I suffered a heart attack on January 26, but it wasn’t serious and hasn’t caused any damage.”

He also revealed that doctors performed a procedure to place three stents in his arteries, but was quick to add:

“It hasn’t been as dramatic as some have written.”

Thank goodness!

We’re truly relieved it wasn’t anything major, because he definitely had us worried when we first reported this health scare.

You stay healthy, Antonio!

[Image via WENN.]

Mar 27, 2017 11:01am PDT

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