Ashton Kutcher Doesn’t Want To Sign Your Crap


You may want to rethink going to any more Ashton Kutcher premieres hoping to score the actor’s autograph.

Mr. Demi Moore doesn’t like doing it!

Ashton took to his Twitter after reading a story about Jays outfielder Alex Rios. As Rios was leaving a game, he denied a kid an autograph, which garnered him some hatred from a nearby crowd and the media that followed.

Ashton tweeted: “Truth… autographs R annoying.”

And with that, many of fans became rather upset with him and he had to smooth things over by saying: “if ppl ask & I’m not late 4 something, it’s cool.”


It’s funny that celebrities somewhere along the line forget what actually made them famous- the fans. Like it kills you to scribble two letters down on a piece of paper.

That just sounds ungrateful to us.

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[Image via WENN.]

Jun 9, 2009 8:45pm PDT

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