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Ben Affleck Explains Why He Always Looks Upset In Paparazzi Photos -- Offering Real Insight Into Jennifer Lopez Issues!

Ben Affleck Explains Why He Always Looks Upset In Paparazzi Photos -- Offering Insight Into Jennifer Lopez Issues!

Ben Affleck cannot control his “resting hard face.” Not with the paparazzi hounding him constantly, that is!

We have all seen those pictures and memes of the actor looking so sad and exhausted while out and about (often with a coffee in hand) over the years. It’s not just one or two shots of him upset here and there! Ben looks downright miserable every single time he steps outside! Even at the Grammys last year! But the Argo director apparently has a perfectly good explanation for his viral facial expressions in paparazzi shots: that he’s “shy” AND despises all the attention! He confessed to Kevin Hart on the season four premiere of Peacock’s Hart to Heart:

“I’m also a little bit shy. I also don’t like a lot of attention. That’s why people see me and they’re like, ‘Why’s this dude always mad?’ Because somebody has their camera and sticks it in my face and I’m like, ‘Okay, here we go.’”

That is bound to ruin anyone’s day and make them upset! But unfortunately, cameras and paparazzi come with the job in Hollywood and with being the husband to Jennifer Lopez! But what really makes him mad at those moments? He’s often with his three children — and even Jennifer’s twins — when the paparazzi are taking a pic of him. That’s what he understandably has a huge problem with! Ben explained:

“Also, because I’m with my kids and they’re taking my picture. Actually, what I’d like to do is much more definitive than just look at you like this. I don’t mind, you can take my picture at a club or a premiere, with my wife, I don’t give a f**k. Knock yourself out. I don’t notice you. But with my children that’s a different thing.”

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No wonder he looks so pissed in photos! But at the same time, the 51-year-old filmmaker admitted that’s just his face, even when he’s in a good mood! His kiddos even call him out sometimes for his grumpy facial expressions:

“By the way, I also might be somebody who I do find myself I’ll be sitting at home, and they’re like, ‘What’s wrong?’ ‘Nothing. Nothing’s wrong.’”

It sounds like Ben just has a bad case of the “resting bitch face,” as Kevin pointed out! To which the Oscar winner replied:

“’Bitch’?! I have resting hard face.”

LOLz! But in all seriousness, Ben noted that “people are projecting something onto me that I don’t feel about myself at all” at the end of the day. Beyond the facial expression ordeal, it sounds like Ben wishes he could shy away from the public eye more than he can, at least for the sake of his children. However, we all know that proves to be difficult when your wife is J.Lo!

Elsewhere on the show, Ben opened up about the singer’s insane level of fame. He said:

“She’s so famous and people love her. She really represents something important to people. People are like, ‘Ah! J.Lo!’ It’s amazing.”

The Gone Girl star went on to recall a shocking encounter with a fan recently while he and Jennifer were in New York City with their family. At the time, the now-estranged couple and their kids were on their way to a play when they suddenly hit traffic in Times Square. You know, what usually happens in that area of the city on a daily basis! Once Ben realized they would be late if they waited in the car for traffic to move, he told the family they needed to get out and walk:

“We had to get out of the car. I was like, ‘F**k it, baby, we’re gonna be late. We gotta walk a block and a half.’ She was like ‘alright.’ She didn’t say s**t. I was like, ‘We gotta go, we gotta walk!’ You get impatient because the traffic’s gonna be like 10 minutes and it will take us two minutes to walk.”

However, Ben didn’t think about the fact that he and Jen are both celebrities! She’s also one of the most recognizable A-listers out there! So the second all of them started to walk to the theater people started recognizing her left and right!

“This s**t was like f**king bananas. There was a lady smoking weed, she’s in a purple skin-tight suit. And she starts running backwards filming going ‘J.Lo!’ like a herald that then gets everybody else — and they’re all tourists — just whoosh!”

But although we bet it annoyed the heck of Ben, their children thought the fanfare was hysterical! They have an ongoing inside joke about creating hypothetical titles for their future autobiographies in the Affleck family, so his daughter made one up for that moment! Ben said:

“My daughter just turns to me and goes, ‘J.Lo Was My Stepmother.’ I was like, ‘That’s a good title.’ Could be a lot worse than that.”

Funny! But ‘was’? How prescient to the couple’s current situation… Anyways, to Ben, that incident was no joking matter. He went on to get candid about the negative impact the media attention surrounding him, Jennifer, and ex-wife Jennifer Garner has had on the kids:

“Every day I’m alive I want to make sure I’m doing the right thing by them, making their lives better. And that doesn’t mean that sometimes I don’t come home and I see that they’ve gone through some bulls**t. It breaks my heart where I’m like, ‘This s**t would never happen if I wasn’t in this life.’ And it’s hard. I really, really f**king second guess it a lot.”

Of course, there are always positives to fame as well. As Ben pointed out:

“I also know I like this life better for them than the one I had, and that’s the balance. And I talk with Jennifer about that a lot as we look at what’s the difference between our kids lives.”

Well, looking on the bright side of being in the spotlight got him nowhere, ultimately. At least when it comes to his marriage with J.Lo! In fact, it is seemingly what tore them apart eventually! And as the pair continue with their marital woes and possible divorce, we guess everyone should just expect more “resting hard face” from Ben. Reactions, Perezcious readers? Let us know in the comments below.

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