Brad Garrett Makes Racially Insensitive Remarks To Paps!


Everybody Loves Raymond alum Brad Garrett is known for his less than friendly demeanor with the paparazzi, but this is truly disgusting!

Garrett crossed the line by hurling racist remarks at paparazzi on Wednesday in Los Angeles!!

For the second time in two years!


Garrett screamed “In English! In English!” to the paps snapping away at the actor!

Before speeding off, Garrett lost verbal control and yelled, “Wear the turban! Wear the turban!”

Brad found himself in a world of trouble back in 2007 when the actor told a pap, “I didn’t know there were black people in Malibu. Go back to where you came from.”

When will he learn???


[Image via WENN.]

Apr 16, 2009 3:45pm PDT

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