Brad Pitt ‘Doing Great’ Despite Custody Chaos; Source Says He ‘Has His Energy Back’ After Angie, Still ‘Very Fascinated’ By MIT Professor…

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Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie clearly have a rough road ahead — custody arrangements are difficult even for families who don’t globetrot for work.

And it sounds like the most recent scheduling has caused some extra friction; Angie in particular is upset at the “misleading” leaked info.

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In the midst of all that chaos, People reached out to a source close to Brad, and turns out the Ocean’s 11 star is… actually feeling fantastic.

The source says:

“Brad is doing great. He has his energy back.”

Um, do they mean now that the divorce is far enough in the rearview? Or now that he’s single again??

The source says he’d rather be spending more time with the kids but is taking what he can get:

“He is a great dad and always loved being with his kids. He doesn’t talk badly about Angie, but he feels it’s her fault that the kids don’t want to spend more time with him.”

Aw. Sad.

Apart from that, it legit sounds like he’s living his best life despite what looks like a “very busy schedule” this summer. The source says:

“He often attends dinner parties, socializes with friends and attends events. Brad is dating, but he is very quiet about it.”

Not quiet enough, right? We mean, what about MIT professor Neri Oxman? Is that really a thing or not??

The source says they’re still talking — but NOT dating:

“He has spent more time with Neri, but isn’t in a relationship with her. He seems very fascinated by her.”

Huh. Seems like that would make things awkward for anyone she was dating.

Do YOU think Brad is happy now??

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Jun 13, 2018 6:03pm PST

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