Bruce Willis’ Comedy Central Roast Highlights: Demi Moore Gets The Last Laugh, Dennis Rodman Gets Booed

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It was Bruce Willis‘ turn to go through it this weekend!

The longtime action movie star was the subject of a vicious roast on Comedy Central, and the roast guests and participants didn’t hold back at all — especially his ex-wife, Demi Moore!!

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Speaking to the audience with a captivated captive Willis in front of her, Moore recounted the crumblings of their marriage with a hilarious career reference to an iconic movie from Bruce’s filmography (below):

“I look at our marriage like The Sixth Sense … You were dead the whole time.”


Children Rumer, Tallulah, and Scout — all of whom were in the audience for the roast — were cracking up the entire time. All in good fun!!

But while Bruce got ripped apart by the roast masters and the audience apparently had a blast (we’ll see the full episode on air in July), it appears Dennis Rodman didn’t have such a good time last night.

According to THR, Rodman’s time on stage roasting Willis didn’t go over well at all, and the audience eventually started booing him, he was so bad.

The ex-NBA star struggled to land jokes, eventually referencing his pal, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, and eliciting even more boos from an audience apparently tired of his shtick.

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It probably didn’t help that Rodman allegedly apologized a number of times for flubbing his lines and being so bad.

Dude, WTF??

Regardless, it sounds like the rest of the roast went off without a hitch. We’ll all be able to see it when it airs on Comedy Central on July 29th.

Can’t wait!!

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Jul 15, 2018 12:19pm PDT