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Canadian Actor Dies After 12 Plastic Surgeries Trying To Look Like BTS' Jimin!

Actor Dies After Complications From 12 Plastic Surgeries Trying To Look Like BTS' Jimin!

UPDATE 4/28/23 6:26 A.M.: According to Variety, this entire thing was a hoax generated by the use of AI imagery and press releases. Read more about it HERE.


A Canadian actor has died following complications from 12 plastic surgery procedures — all because he wanted to look like K-Pop superstar Jimin from BTS.

22-year-old South Korean resident Saint Von Colucci (not pictured above — that’s actually Jimin) was reported dead by his rep, Eric Blake, on Sunday morning. He died at a hospital in the East Asian country following a dozen cosmetic surgeries to change his appearance to that of the 27-year-old singer. According to, he spent over $220,000 USD on these surgeries. Why? Apparently he was playing Jimin in an upcoming series and wanted to look the part. Pretty Lies, a K-drama that wrapped filming this past December, is set to air in October in South Korea and will reportedly later be released on an unnamed major streaming platform.

We mean, there’s method and then there’s method

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Some of the serious operations included a nose job, a face-lift, lip reduction, an eyebrow lift, and an eye lift — but what caused him the real trouble was his jaw implants. His publicist says he got the implants back in November, but they became infected, so he needed to go under the knife again to get them removed and fix the issue. He went back into surgery Saturday night — but sadly he wouldn’t make it out alive. Due to complications he had to be intubated by the med team. Just hours later he passed away.

So sad, he was so young…

Blake said his client knew the dangers of the surgery but still wanted to go through with it. He was trying to transform his jaw into more of a V-shape to match Jimin’s. All for a role??

Sadly, being an actor isn’t what Saint initially wanted. His publicist reports he originally wanted to break into the music scene.

In 2019 the then-singer made the move to South Korea all the way from Canada with hopes of getting into the music industry, but he quickly realized it was going to be a lot more challenging than he thought. He apparently “felt very discriminated against” due to “his Western looks” and wasn’t landing many jobs. While speaking with the outlet, Blake explained:

“Its very tragic and very unfortunate. He was very insecure about his looks. He had a very square jawline and chin and he didn’t like the shape of it because he thought it was too wide and wanted a V-shape, the shape many Asians have … [He was] very unhappy about his appearance. He was very insecure about his face.”

Just heartbreaking!

Saint isn’t to be confused with Oli London, a British influencer who made headlines in 2021 for claiming to be transracial and also going through heavy amounts of cosmetic surgery — also in an attempt to look like Jimin.

Our hearts go out to Saint’s family and loved ones.


[Image via House M.D./YouTube/MEGA/WENN]

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