Here’s How Celebs Are Reacting To The Cardi B-Nicki Minaj Drama!

Celebs are not holding back at all in the midst of high drama between Cardi B and Nicki Minaj!!

As you’ll remember from this past weekend, the pair got into a scuffle at a Fashion Week event in New York City, forcing Cardi to walk out with a nasty welt on her forehead and leaving Nicki to talk mad s**t on her radio show days later.

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Things are far from over between the two rappers, and it’s probably just as well — after all, celebs aren’t shying away from talking about the drama and obsessing over it just like the rest of us!!

Here’s what a handful of high-profile celebs — many in attendance at the Fashion Week event itself when the fight broke out — had to say about it on social media and in interviews the past couple days (below):

Kelly Rowland opted to play neutral, calling both women “talented” in an interview with E! News. Interestingly, she did loop in Serena Williams‘ controversial tennis incident from this past weekend, and made the point that “in a time where Serena Williams is fighting for equality,” Cardi and Nicki shouldn’t be attacking each other with “way bigger issues” to address.

Christina Aguilera was performing at the Harper’s Bazaar event when the whole fight went down, so it’s unclear how much she was able to see — but afterwards, video captured Xtina seemingly asking about the fight, apparently interested about knowing what was up (below):


Tiffany Haddish clearly learned her lesson after all the “who bit Beyonce” drama, and keeping tight-lipped about the whole affair! “I’m hearing things,” the funny woman told reporters later that night, “But I don’t know nothing about nothing though. I had nothing to do with nothing. I have nothing to say, I ain’t spilled no tea … I hope nobody got bit though.” Ha!!!

Azealia Banks wasn’t there for the fight, but as you can see (below), she clearly took joy in learning about all the details after the fact when she jumped on Instagram Live for more info:

50 Cent just wanted to know more (below)!!!

Caitlyn Jenner was also at the party, though it’s unclear in her post-event video (below) whether she knew what went down at the time:

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From last night! Day 2 of fashion week ✅

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She did reference the party as being crazy, though, so maybe she was kept up to date on the fight!!

At least some celebs in attendance on Friday night had no clue, though — model Adriana Lima admitted to reporters that she had no clue about the fight!! She definitely learned more later, though, even going so far as to leave a comment of support on Cardi’s IG page. Inneresting…

One thing is clear her: celebs LOVE to weigh in on drama just like the rest of us do!!

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Sep 11, 2018 11:27am PST