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Chase Chrisley Gets Cryptic About Emmy Medders Split: 'Chose To Leave Me While I Was Dealing With My S**t'

Chase Chrisley Gets Cryptic About Emmy Medders Split: 'Chose To Leave Me While I Was Dealing With My S**t'

Chase Chrisley is opening up about the end of his engagement to now-ex-fiancée Emmy Medders. Sort of…

The 27-year-old popped up on his sister Savannah Chrisley‘s Unlocked podcast for its new episode on Tuesday, and during the show, he chatted about his breakup. Of course, a little over a month ago, Chase and Emmy called it quits after three years together. But while their engagement may have ended, the drama is only just beginning…

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Chase was cagy and cryptic about the split during the podcast. At first, he did admit the relationship “wasn’t all bad times,” which is nice to hear, we guess. Then, he added:

“I’ve got a lot of s**t I’m dealing with, she’s got a lot of s**t she’s dealing with. She just chose to leave me while I was dealing with my s**t, but we mutually agreed to part ways.”


First off, what “s**t” does he mean?! Parents Todd and Julie Chrisley in federal prison, no doubt. But is there more?? Also, if she chose to leave, how was it mutual…?

Anyways, Chase added another cryptic quote later in the show:

“It was rough there for a little while but I’m over it now. God hears conversations we don’t hear and sees things we don’t see. He moved her out of my life and I’m grateful for that because it clearly was not meant to be.”

That’s actually something he has said in a similar fashion before. We wondered what it meant then, and we wonder what it means now. What “conversations”?!?!

Keeping on that cryptic angle, Chase added a reference to “a lot of dirty s**t that went down” in his time with Emmy:

“I made mistakes in our relationship, 100 percent. There was a lot of dirty s**t that went down that should have been handled differently. Just the lack of respect was not there.”


So this pair will never reconcile, right? Chase was adamant about NOT getting back together with Medders when the Sassy by Savannah mogul asked:

“Not a chance in hell. That would never happen because I’ve seen too much. I’ve seen true colors. … I don’t want to come across like I’m s**ting on Emmy. I do wish her nothing but the best, but there was some s**tty s**t that went down.”

Ummm, true colors?? Again, WHAT WAS IT?! Cheating? Something else?!

You can see more from Chase and Savannah’s podcast chat (below), by the way:

Emmy isn’t giving her side of the story (yet, at least), and Chase clearly won’t get any more specific. So, we’re all just left here to wonder…

What do U make of these cryptic and intriguing claims, Perezcious readers?? Sound OFF with your takes down in the comments (below)!

[Image via Savannah Chrisley/YouTube/YouTube]

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