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Prison Ruining Todd & Julie Chrisley's Marriage Because They're 'Obsessed With Each Other'?! Chase Speaks!

Chase Chrisley Explains Fam's New TV Project: 'We Might As Well Get Out There And Tell It Ourselves'

Chase Chrisley has a LOT to say about his star-crossed family — and their forthcoming reality TV return. But things aren’t easy on the inside for mom and dad…

Along with sis Savannah Chrisley and the rest of the fam, Chase is prepping to be front-and-center on an as-yet-untitled upcoming reality TV series. Of course, Chase’s famous poppa Todd Chrisley and his wife Julie Chrisley are currently serving federal prison sentences for bank fraud and tax evasion, so they won’t be on the show.

…Or will they?! According to a new interview Chase just granted to Extra host and Bachelorette alum Rachel Lindsay on Wednesday evening, Todd and Julie may pop up in this new series after all!! And that’ll be particularly intriguing considering how much prison is apparently hurting their marriage!

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For starters, the 27-year-old reality TV star was very candid about him, Savannah, Chloe, and Grayson all getting “a lot closer” during their parents’ imprisonment:

“We’ve definitely got a lot closer. When you get hit with something like this, I feel like a lot of people either separate and go their own ways or they cling together, which is how we were raised. We’ve clung together and we’re still fighting. … What we’re not going to do is lay down and back down to anybody and we will air it out.”

Tough talk!!

Always a self-promoter — guess he learned that one from his embattled dad! — Chase was keen on making sure fans know this new show will be centered on the famous southern fam telling their story in their way — but it will include candid talks about everything they’re going through:

“With everything that we’ve been going through, there’s been a lot of people that have been talking and kind of trying to tell our story for us, so we were like we might as well get out there and tell it ourselves. We’ll address everything that we’re going through on a day to day basis with our new reality. Updates on my parents and our family situation and just kind of trying to navigate the waters of that.”

And Todd and Julie might appear on it, too!! How? Via phone calls from prison! Chase explained:

“There definitely will be times we’ll be on phone calls and going to visit and stuff like that.”


Will they really let them bring the cameras to the prison? That would be wild! And probably great for ratings…

Other than that, the new series is part of a newly “closed” circle for the afflicted fam. With Todd and Julie serving their time in the slammer, the crew’s connections have tightened up quite a bit, Chase explained:

“It’s really Chloe, Savannah, Grayson, my grandmother, my other grandparents will probably make an appearance and then just our close group of friends. Our circle is closed now. We’re not letting nobody else in!”

But it doesn’t sound like he’s nervous at all to let the family’s sordid life hang out there.

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For one, he explained about their perspective on doing a new show in this context:

“From our perspective, we would way rather be able to tell our own truth than have somebody out here making money off of lies that they’re spreading about myself and my family. But honestly, I think our message from the first show to this show as a family has never changed. We want to give people hope. We want to show people that terrible things happen. But if you can stick together, lean on your faith, lean on each other, then you can get through it. And that’s exactly what we’re doing.”

And he continued:

“I’m sure you’re aware no one in the my family has a filter so we could really give a s**t less what anybody has to say or think. We have a broken system, we know that. This is just our turn to actually experience it firsthand. We’re going to continue to fight and that’s a part of the show, is bringing the truth out there and airing it out.”


It sounds like Chase still has a bone to pick with how Todd and Julie’s trial and conviction went down, too. When Rachel asked whether he thought his parents would have gone to jail if they weren’t famous, Savannah’s big bro answered strongly:

“No, I don’t, I really don’t. We were a big fish for them and we were used to further someone’s personal agenda. It’s really awful that we live in a society where that can even happen. We’re not the first people this has happened to and we won’t be the last.”

Right, because all us normal non-TV star folks just get to commit tax fraud all we want and laugh all the way to the bank. *sigh*

And yet there’s just not much Chase’s parents can do at this point aside from appealing their sentences — which their lawyers are doing, but that can take years and is not always likely to work.

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In the meantime, the saddest part for Chase is that Todd and Julie haven’t been able to talk to each other for months now that they’re behind bars in disparate locations. With Todd in Florida and Julie in Kentucky, communication between the two prisoners just ain’t happening — and it’s been a real strain on their marriage! He says:

“It’s over 200 [days] now, which is really tough for them because my mom and dad are obsessed with each other.”

Wow! It sounds like Chase is saying they have a real co-dependency going on, and it’s being wrecked by prison! Ouch! He continues by painting his parents as troopers getting through it:

“They’re hanging in there. It’s a terrible situation. The conditions are awful and if you read all these headlines they say the polar opposite, but it is not the truth and we’re going to be spreading a lot of awareness to that as well.”

So, there you have it.

Oh, and there’s one more little controversy involving Chase: the end of his engagement to now-ex-fiancée Emmy Medders. Cryptically alluding to why the pair called off their plans to wed, Chase told Lindsay:

“Everything happens for a reason. God’s got a plan. And I think God heard conversations that I didn’t hear. He saw things I didn’t see and moved her on her way and I could not be more thankful.”

Damn… What “conversations” were those?!?!

For whatever it’s worth, he also says he is already back in the dating game once again:

“I am back dating, yeah. I’ve already been on dates. I’m ready to go!”

Onward and upward, we suppose. What do y’all make of the Chrisley fam’s new reality TV venture, Perezcious readers?! And also, what about Todd and Julie’s months of no-contact while incarcerated?

Sound OFF with your take down in the comments (below)…

[Image via MEGA/WENN/Savannah Chrisley/YouTube]

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