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Savannah Chrisley Slams Fans Claiming Todd 'Let Himself Go' In Prison -- While His Lawyer Teases MAJOR Appeal!

Savannah Chrisley Slams Fans Claiming Todd 'Let Himself Go' In Prison -- While His Lawyer Teases MAJOR Appeal!

Savannah Chrisley is once more setting the record straight regarding her parents’ time in federal prison.

Of course, Chrisley Knows Best alums Todd and Julie Chrisley are spending the next 12 and seven years (respectively) in federal prison after their conviction last year on bank fraud and tax evasion charges. And since they first reported to start serving their time months ago, their 25-year-old daughter has been very frank about the realities of that life.

Heck, just last week on her podcast Unlocked, Savannah and big bro Chase Chrisley slammed the prison system while outlining the apparently-awful conditions in which Todd and Julie are currently being housed. And this week, in the newest ep of Sav’s podcast, they are back for more!

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This time around, the Sassy By Savannah mogul brought one of Todd and Julie’s lawyers on the show. With the episode aptly titled Talk To My Lawyer, Savannah spoke to Alex Little of the law firm Burr & Forman about the family’s ongoing legal appeals.

But before they could get to the legalese, Savannah wanted to address one thing: Todd’s hair. Mentioning how there aren’t any colorists in prison (which, like, duh!), Todd’s daughter slammed critics who have been keen on reporting the 54-year-old’s supposed slide:

“One of them was like, ‘oh, he’s let himself go.’ First off, news flash, they don’t sell hair color in commissary. So of course his hair is gray! But, you know what, I would tell him today, if he was out, keep it that way. Like, it looks good! He’s got a great prison barber.”


And she added this clarifying take on critics’ beliefs about Todd’s mental outlook, too:

“These sources are saying that dad is just, his guilt is eating him alive in prison and he’s ready to admit to his faults.”

That’s where Little jumped in to make things particularly interesting for all of us legal nerds. He agreed that Todd is certainly not down in the dumps while serving time at Federal Prison Camp Pensacola in the Florida panhandle:

“Yeah, that’s not been my experience talking to him.”

Little then jumped into some of the legal maneuvering going on with Todd and Julie’s appeals.

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For one, he explained that the Chrisley fam’s team is waiting on the federal government’s response to claims they have raised regarding a potential conviction appeal:

“No appellate judge has reviewed any of the arguments we’ve raised. That hasn’t happened yet. That’s what we’re doing now. The government hasn’t even filed the response to our appeal yet. They’ve asked for more time once, more time twice. That’s going to happen now in two weeks and so we’ll see in two weeks what the government’s answer to these issues might be.”

And Little was very clear in saying Todd has been “a good model prisoner” and very “focused on what he has to do” while the legal back-and-forth plays out:

“I think he is doing what he needs to do to be a good model prisoner and to get along with the folks he’s there with, the people who have to become your friends and part of your community, but he’s focused on what he has to do to win the appeal. He’s very focused on what we’re doing when things are happening keeping track of the process. He knows what our strong arguments are and he checks on those all the time.”

Speaking about Todd’s mindset in FPC Pensacola right now, he then added:

“He is relentlessly optimistic and also, he stays on track. He’s not going to get sort of down in the dumps because this is where we are. We all know the situation is not good. You know, the system has taken them to a point and a lot of bad things have happened in their case but we have an avenue to hopefully get some justice and he’s focused on that.”

And even though Little openly acknowledges that the appeal process will be an uphill battle, he thinks Todd and Julie “have a very good shot of winning” their freedom upon reconsideration:

“Being on appeal means things have not gone your way. It’s going to be a hard lift, but in this case, we’ve got real, legitimate substantive arguments that we think, if the court takes [them] fairly, we have a very good shot of winning.”


Wouldn’t that be something?! You can watch the full podcast (below):

Reactions, Perezcious readers?! Think this appeal push has a real chance??

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