College Student Banned From Having A Guinea Pig On Campus Awarded A VERY NICE Settlement


Want to bring your guinea pig to college, but not sure if you can?

Well, this story should provide you some inspiration!

College student Kendra Velzen was awarded a $40,000 settlement from Grand Valley State University after the college refused her pet guinea pig on its campus.

This happened after the school had permitted Kendra to keep the guinea pig in her student dorm. Kendra suffers from depression and uses a pacemaker, and claimed her pet provided her with emotional support.

Kendra sued the school and settled with them for $40,000!

Here’s what the school said in the settlement:

“The parties’ decision to enter into this agreement represents a compromise of disputed claims and creates the framework for the parties to move forward without the disruption and cost of litigation. Should Kendra Velzen ever reapply for on-campus housing and make an accommodation request to live with a guinea pig or animal of similar size and nature, Grand Valley will grant said request.”

Good for Kendra for knowing her rights and fighting for them!

Animals who provide emotional support are real and helpful and are here to stay!

[Image via Wikimedia Commons.]

Mar 11, 2013 11:00am PDT

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