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Fan Pet Of The Day

Fan Pet Of The Day

Eli Whitney
Today’s Fan Pet of the Day is├óΓé¼┬ª
Eli Whitney! reader Molly sent us a pic of her guinea pig and said:

“Named after the cotton gin inventor, this fluffy white ball of love is the sweetest guinea pig, or cavy if you will, in El Lay!
Hopping when he’s happy, this blue-eyed, six-month old baby usually finds himself confused with bunny rabbits. So lately, he’s been reading information on psychology and investing in mirrors to accept who he truly is — the cutest thing ever.”

Wow… that is seriously not only the cutest guinea pig we’ve ever seen, that’s one of the cutest, most adorbzest little critters we’ve ever had on this website!
We would just lay on the floor for hours and let this little guy use us as his playground!!
We wanna get a shrink gun, shrink down and become best friend with this little cutie! Too adorbz!!
Think UR pet should be The Fan Pet Of The Day? Email us a pic to [email protected]!!!

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Nov 18, 2013 08:01am PDT

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