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Social Media Influencer Launches DISGUSTING 'Coronavirus Challenge' By Licking Airplane Toilet Seat On Video

Nothing like licking an airplane toilet seat to take part in the coronavirus challenge...

Don’t try this one at home, y’all…

A social media influencer is going viral this week after licking a toilet seat on an airplane over the weekend and calling it the “Coronavirus Challenge.” And if that isn’t enough to make you vomit, we’ve got the video proof further down (below) in this post… ugh. What the f**k is wrong with people?!

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Over the weekend, TikTok personality and all-around “social media influencer” Ava Louise posted the video, which was apparently filmed during a flight. After uploading the video to the site, she shared it to her Twitter account, where it has since gone viral, receiving more than 390,000 views and inciting a TON of disgust from followers and viewers. The original TikTok version of the clip appears to have since been removed.

There’s not a lot to the video itself, just a couple seconds showing the 21-year-old knelt down next to the toilet in an airplane bathroom. As you can see (below), it’s pretty simple… and disgusting… and stomach-churning:

What the… OMG! What did we just watch?! Come on, Ava!!!! UGGGHHHHH!!!!! People are seriously losing their minds during this coronavirus outbreak… and this is one of the worst! One commenter wrote in response to Ava’s video, regarding the coronavirus:

“I hope you get it. Like really I hope you do.”

Another went for the humorous side of it, saying:

“Her ex probably brushing his teeth as we speak ?.”

While a third commenter referenced current events in pop culture… and got dark with it:

“You’re going to end up like Amanda Bynes, confined to a psychiatric institution. At first I thought your content was amusing, but now I see that you need serious help.”


Late on Monday night, the social media celeb took to YouTube to explain her toilet seat licking video, and, um, announce her run for President.

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Obviously, as you can see (below), the whole thing was an attempt to troll the media and raise her profile with free news coverage, which she openly admits to, and which worked out pretty well for her:

Safe to say then that at least there isn’t an actual “Coronavirus Challenge” going around involving licking toilet seats on airplanes! We shudder to think of all the disgusting videos that could’ve popped up had other influencers and social media users taken this to heart. Yikes!!!

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What do U think, Perezcious readers?? Masterful troll job or disgusting idea gone wrong? This should go without saying, but you guys would never lick a toilet seat… right? RIGHT?! Sound OFF with your take about this entire disgusting situation down in the comments (below)…

[Image via Instagram/YouTube]

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