Courtney Love Admits Amanda Bynes’ ‘Ugly’ Comment Might Be Accurate, But She Probably Gets Laid More!


Sooo it’s pretty safe to say that Amanda Bynes and Courtney Love are NOT friends.

In case you missed it, Courtney took to Twitter to tell the former Nickelodeon star to “pull it together dude”. Amanda fell back to her go-to line these days, and called the former Hole band member “ugly” etc, etc.

Yesterday Courtney paused to do a radio interview, and of course that ‘lil incident came up in discussion. Court didn’t seem too bothered by it, but she certainly had a lot to say!

First she talked about how she was truly, horribly, physically ugly when she was younger, so the insult just rolled off her:

“Listen, when I was fourteen I was so bloody ugly, and I thought I was Kate Moss. I chased this guy named Mark…he was the hottest photographer in Portland, around…I gotta show you guys these pictures, they’re so ugly…I had this big schnozz and I had like blusher on like this, and I’m wearing white gloves and black and white [things]…and I am like this, making new wave faces and like voguing and I am so [bleeping] homely and I had a gap in my teeth—and I thought I was the hottest thing in the world. And I was 180 pounds. So if someone calls me ugly, it sort of rolls off my back because…it’s not about looks, it’s about attitude. I mean, you get laid on attitude…”

Words of wisdom, LOLz!!

Love followed that anecdote with an observation about child stars:

“Then there’s this whole thing about…Disney kids [Note: Bynes was not on Disney] —they’re not educated, look at how she writes. I’m not educated either, but at least I’m autodidactic. At least I try and read Flaubert, do you know what I mean? [And] to pronounce it correctly. And they have no parental infrastructure, and after they’re not nubile anymore or useful they’re sort of waylaid…”

Sounds like it all circles back to the fame at a young age thing! No wonder so many former child stars have tried to reach out to Amanda, they’ve all gone through it too!

Just maybe not as publicly as our fave Skyzone bouncer

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May 31, 2013 1:51pm PDT