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Dad's Amazing Text Message After Seeing Daughter's Breakup Goes Viral!

Dad Text Message Daughter Dumped Boyfriend

Awww! This is so sweet!!!

A young woman named Fallon Thompson posted a TikTok back in May that’s spread far and wide the past few weeks — as everyone realizes they too needed this advice from a really great dad!

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It began with heartbreak. Over a tearful selfie, Fallon wrote the caption:

“POV: You just got dumped in your driveway and your dad saw the whole thing.”

But her dad didn’t judge her, didn’t ignore her, wasn’t awkward as so many parents are about this kind of thing. Instead he sent her the most thoughtful, loving romance advice we’ve ever seen a parent give. He began:

“Hey baby girl… here is some perspective from your old man… I have had lots of relationships… from one-night stands, to flings, to friends w/ benefits, to girlfriends, to live-in girlfriends…”

That’s so much info to start! But where he was going was somewhere special. He wrote:

“…and then I met your Mom. I can say with certainty that when I met her, it was instantly different. I can also say that I knew it was different because I went through those other experiences. So what you are dealing with today is necessary in order for you to one day be able to discern when a person is really right for you.”

Awww! It’s so hopeful but also SO TRUE! It’s not just platitudes about fish in the sea, it’s the genuine experience most of us go through! They’re all wrong, until you meet the right one. And it is different!


“I can also say that even though I was broken up with, and in one instance I was cheated on, it was worth it, to get to where I am now. Looking back, I do not for one second wish I could still be with any of those other ladies. Even though at the time I was heartbroken, and it felt like I would never recover, and I was destined to be alone. I promise you, that is not your future.”

He also told her when someone breaks up with her, letting her know she was “not for them,” to “deal with the pain and hurt” by remembering they’d given her the gift of her time back:

“Be grateful for the experience you had with that person and the good times you got to have; and then rejoice in the knowledge that your life is still completely yours and you have not wasted it shackled to someone that did not completely want you.”

Can you imagine being told something so wise by your dad??

Fallon may not have been as surprised as most would have been — after all, she’d had her dad, Scott Thompson, her whole life. But even she was struck by how perfect this advice was! She told GMA after the post went viral:

“After I read the first sentence, I was like, ‘Oh, this is something that my heart needed’… It was just one of those texts that’s so sweet you just sort of want to cry. So I sort of teared up a little bit and I was like, ‘Wow, regardless of where my relationships may lead me in life, I know I’m always gonna have my dad and my family.’ That’s the most important thing to me.”


The TikTok showing off her dad’s text has now been viewed a whopping 21 million times, and that number is STILL growing! So Scott actually gave a LOT of young people some really good dating advice that day. See the original post HERE and some sweet pics of the amazing girldad (below)!


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[Image via Fallon Thompson/TikTok.]

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