Dancing With The Stars Votes Off One Fan Fave Duo Before The Finale! Recap HERE!

dancing with the stars recap episode 11

The end is near.

On Monday evening, the remaining four couples on Dancing With The Stars went head-to-head by performing one redemption number, as well as, dancing a freestyle routine. The opportunity to tackle a weaker performance from earlier in the season was clearly a bone thrown to underdog contestants Frankie Muniz and Drew Scott.

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We mean, to be honest, we’re shocked those two stars have made it THIS far into the competition. Sadly, only one celeb rose to the occasion and was able to be saved for another week.

Oh, and before we forget, Julianne Hough returned to guest judge the finalists. Boy, were we thrilled to have her back!!!

Anywho, we bet you’re trying to figure out who went home! Right??? Discover that AND HIGHlights from Monday night’s episode (below)├óΓé¼┬ª

Jordan Fisher and Lindsay Arnold have been the frontrunners in this competition since, like, day one. Seriously, the pair have nabbed a perfect score almost every week. Nonetheless, Fisher and Arnold “redeemed” their nearly flawless Charleston. Of course, they killed it and got 10s across the board.

Despite struggling in rehearsal for their freestyle number, the twosome were once again perfect as they incorporated lighting, props, and other showy tricks. Unsurprisingly, the received ANOTHER perfect score!

Lindsey Stirling was dubbed the “most improved” dancer after she and partner Mark Ballas beautifully redid their quickstep. The judges loved the second effort so much that they gave Stirling and Ballas a perfect score.

As for the freestyle routine, Lindsey and Mark made sure to incorporate the musician’s incredible violinist skills into the number. Not only was the routine dark and sexy, but it was VVV unique too. The two scored another 40/40. Jordan and Lindsay better watch out!

Although Frankie has worked his butt off this season, he just can’t compete with Jordan and Lindsey’s superior dance skills. Nonetheless, the Malcolm In The Middle alum and his partner, Witney Carson sincerely tried to perfect their previous Foxtrot. They did a lovely job and walked away with a score of 38/40.

Frankie and Witney impressed once again with their dark freestyle number. Although Muniz lost some steam halfway through the routine, the pair floored the judges with their smoldering intensity. The couple received another 38/40. Way to go!!

Now, if Frankie is a weak dancer, Drew is just plain bad. We’re sorry, but you know we’re right. Despite giving it his all, the HGTV star didn’t exactly bring it for the redemption number. Regardless, Scott’s spirit impressed the judges enough to give Drew and Emma Slater 9s across the board. We feel a 36/40 was very generous.

For their freestyle routine, the underdog pair attempted a fast-paced number which everyone loved — except Carrie Ann Inaba. In all fairness, Inaba wasn’t wrong when she pointed out that Drew was out of sync at one point. Shockingly, Drew and Emma were given a 39/40.

At the end of the night, Drew and Emma were on the chopping block, along with Frankie and Witney. Ultimately, Drew and Emma were the ones eliminated. See it go down for yourself (below).

What do YOU think? Did the right couple go home??

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Nov 21, 2017 10:15am PDT