Autumn Moon: ‘The Most Violent Werewolf Movie Ever Made’


Team Jacob … sit this one out!

Writer/ director Randy Fabert is currently scribbling his heart out, deep in the dark night of pre-production on his new werewolf thriller, Autumn Moon.

Once the full moon comes out from behind the clouds and Autumn Moon comes to theaters, it is promised by the writer/director himself to be:

“[├óΓé¼┬ª] the most violent werewolf movie ever made.”

When you think about it, werewolf movies tend to be some of the goriest movies. Even more so than some of the Saw films!

Seriously. Have you seen a werewolf movie where someone DOESN’T get their head punched off or their guts clawed out?

(The first few Twilight films don’t count. We’ll have to see if they go for the guts gusto in the last film.)

Director Randy wants to try and make his film have an old school werewolf film feel but add in all the gore and ultra violence it takes to make today’s thriller movie audiences get off.

The film was described as:

“Pulp writer Michael Renee Allen thought the house on the edge of the woods would be the perfect place to write his next novel. He soon finds that the forest has more to offer than just fresh air and a nice view. Something unspeakable is stalking the forest. A cunning force of pure evil that hunts by night, painting the forest with blood.”

Seems like relatively familiar territory. We guess he’ll make up for it with unique kills and the violent removal of new organs.

Everyone has seen a heart ripped from someone’s chest, but has anyone ever seen a werewolf punch out someone’s gallbladders or rip out their entire endocrine system? Not that he’s gonna write that but if you’re reading this Randy, the idea is free, it’s yours, run with it.

Anyway, we’re actually innerested to see if he follows up on his claims.

Would U go see the most violent werewolf movie ever??

Jun 15, 2012 7:00am PDT

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