Do NOT Bring A Gun To The Airport In A Carry-On Bag — DJ Mustard Just Found Out The Hard Way!

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Definitely not the best Friday night for DJ Mustard and his crew… and it all could have been avoided!!!

The famed music producer and a friend were trying to board a plane at LAX last night when TSA detected a gun in a carry-on bag during routine security screenings at the airport.

Law enforcement got involved and shut shit down, nabbing the producer and his buddy before they could walk away to board their plane. Oops!!

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The weapon in the bag turned out to be serious, too — a loaded .22 semi-automatic handgun. Whoa!!!

Cops questioned both DJ Mustard and his companion separately, and eventually figured out — through looking back at airport surveillance video — that it was the friend who was in possession of the bag.

So, according to TMZ, the friend got hauled off and arrested while DJ Mustard was able to walk free… but he almost certainly missed his flight after all the commotion.

Seriously, folks — don’t bring a gun in your carry-on luggage!

It’s REALLY not that hard of a concept to understand, even though it’s previously stumped Wes Scantlin (HERE), Coolio (HERE), Waka Flocka Flame (HERE) actor Jack Scalia (HERE), and a few more celebs over the years, too.

Fellas (it’s always the fellas, isn’t it?!)… keep your big-boy toys safe at home!!!

[Image via Instagram.]

Dec 9, 2017 11:57am PST

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