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Shih Tzu Is A Natural Born Therapy Dog For Little Boy With Terminal Disease

This just goes to show us that dogs are truly man and woman’s best friend!
Eight year old Dominic Cumo suffers from Lou Gehrig’s disease, a terminal illness that usually only affects adults older than 55.
His mother, Shawnee, adopted Kipper, a Shih Tzu to keep Dominic and the family company.
But this little pooch turns out to have a heart of gold!
Kipper, who is NOT trained as a therapy dog, naturally stays by Dominic’s side. He barks every time Dominic’s respiratory machine goes off and has saved his life when the machine failed to alert the family.
The San Bernandino Humane Society awarded Kipper the Hero Dog of the Year award and he is now a certified therapy dog.
This is incredibly sweet but it’s also heartbreaking to see a boy suffer through this disease.
Keep up the hard work, Kipper!

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Jul 04, 2012 14:00pm PDT