Donald Trump Disses Katy Perry By Asking Why She Married That ‘Loser,’ Which Prompts A Scathing Response From Russell Brand!

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Well this is a feud that came out of nowhere!

It seems that Donald Trump‘s newest target to hate on has become Russell Brand and, inadvertently, Katy Perry!

The Apprentice bigwig was watching Russell on Jimmy Fallon and decided to tweet all about the ‘loser’ actor/comedian.

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Which shifted his attention to KP and pondering why she ever would have married him!

Talk about some major rudeness!

He said:

Have no fear, Russell wasn’t one to take those tweets lying down.

In fact, he came back with some biting responses!

He tweeted:

YIKES! This feud had heat up FAST!

Will Katy respond and defend Russell? Doubtful, but it certainly seems like Russell can stick up for himself!

Who’s side are YOU on? Russell’s? Donald’s? Katy’s silence?

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Oct 17, 2014 3:21pm PDT