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Emma Watson & Benedict Cumberbatch Voted Planet's Sexiest Stars By Folks Who Maybe Don't Realize There's More To Earth Than England!

emma watson benedict cumberbatch empire votes sexiest movie stars british

The people hath spoken!!!

Empire recently ran a poll on their site to determine Hollywood’s hottest celebs, but you might be surprised to find out how many of these sexy stars are actually imports!!!

The voters chose Harry Potter‘s Emma Watson and Sherlock‘s Benedict Cumberbatch as the Queen and King of Sexy-town, which makes perfect sense because they are citizens of countries that actually have royalty!!

We adore Emma and we often daydream of running our trembling hands through Benedict’s marvelous mop of head hair, but we aren’t ashamed to admit these results are totally shocking!!!

They’re both totally sexy, they just aren’t the names we’re used to seeing at the top of these lists!!!

The website’s editor James Dyer has an explanation. He revealed:

“It’s a great result for British stars, but what’s clear is that it’s less important to have lots of casual fans and better to have a dedicated hard-core. The Cumberbabes, Hiddlestoners, Twi-hards and Cavilliers all made their opinions heard! This list also reflects the continuing popularity of superhero movies: six of the top ten men have played superheroes and five of the top ten women have appeared in comic-book movies.”

Benedict’s Cumberbabes? Tom’s Hiddlestoners? Henry’s Cavilliers?

OMG, those nicknames are AH-Mazing!!! We’re co-opting them immediately!

America’s sexiest studs and starlets needn’t fret, however — Scarlett Johansson came in at number two and for the ladies and Ryan Gosling followed Benedict, Henry Cavill, and Tom Hiddleston at number four!!

Better luck next year, Team USA!

[Image via WENN.]

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Oct 02, 2013 23:11pm PDT