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RHOA’s Falynn Guobadia Doesn't Blame Porsha Williams For Her Divorce -- Despite The Quickie Engagement!

RHOA's Falynn Guobadia Doesn’t ‘Know Who I Was Married To’ Amid Divorce From Simon — But Does She Blame Porsha?!

Falynn Guobadia has a lot to say about her ex-husband Simon Guobadia’s incredibly fast engagement to Porsha Williams following their divorce!

Sitting down for a highly-anticipated interview with Adam Newell on Up and Adam!, the Real Housewives of Atlanta star unleashed her unfiltered opinions about everything from infidelity to what she thinks about her castmate these days. Nothing seemed off-limits!

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For starters, the Bravolebrity insisted that her marriage was doomed, regardless of Porsha’s rumored involvement:

“No one has that power over my life, my husband’s life, and our marriage. Simon and I were the ones who were married to one another. We’re the ones who created a family together and built a life with one another. I blame the both of us. He is to blame, I am to blame, and that is all. Whatever came after that — not saying it was right, not saying it was wrong — but no, no one has that power.”

So who or what can be blamed for the breakup?! Falynn’s not so sure, but appearing on RHOA as a couple certainly played a part, as she mused:

“Everything started to change. I don’t think it was the show’s fault… but it seems as though other things were going on that I didn’t necessarily know about. I’m still at a loss at that part. I don’t necessarily have the answers.”

While being on the reality series changed their relationship, it sounds like Simon just wasn’t fighting for their happily ever after. The momma noted:

“Marriages are not easy… Within our marriage, it was hard work. When it came to my marriage, like most women, I was very tenacious. I worked damn hard to keep my marriage.”

The 32-year-old continued:

“It’s just like he gave up, I tried. I can go down the list of all the things I tried to make sure that my husband was happy and that I was happy at the same time and that the children were happy. Women, we hold a lot of responsibility. I don’t think I came up for air until Simon and I separated.”

Even after the separation, the single lady was quickly sucker-punched in the gut when news of Simon and Porsha’s engagement went viral. Given they’d seemingly only been dating for a month — fans everywhere were stunned. The podcast guest candidly recalled:

“I found out [about their engagement] the same time as everyone else. I did not know. As a matter of fact, I remember receiving a phone call around 8 a.m. that morning when everything started making headlines and someone said to me, ‘Simon and Porsha, they’re engaged,’ and I remember arguing with them. I said, ‘No, my husband is a lot of things but he would never do that to me. That is just not who he is.’”

Guess he was!! And even more — not long after popping the question, the 57-year-old accused his former wife of cheating on him with an Atlanta entrepreneur, which they both denied point-blank. But why spread such a shocking lie? The TV personality, who will be changing her last name soon, suggested:

“I’ll say this: Simon and I are not new to couple’s therapy. During one of our therapy sessions, I will never forget it – I’ve never forgotten it, actually – the therapist asked him, ‘Have you ever cheated on Falynn? Would you ever cheat on Falynn?’”

Apparently, he responded:

“’Simon doesn’t get caught unless Simon wants to get caught.’”

Yikes, that kind of remark would haunt us too! But when Newell asked if the interviewee believed her hubby had been the one cheating all along (’cause, ya know, that engagement did happen rather fast!), she teased:

“I don’t know who I was married to. I can’t answer that. I don’t know. It all just sucks. It hurts.”

Whoa… Sadly, this split also tore a family apart. While she “just [wants Simon] to be happy” and continues to love him “unconditionally,” Guobadia admitted she’s most distraught over not being able to see Simon’s kids anymore. Breaking into tears, she explained:

“I know I’ll be strong. I’ll get through it, I always do. It’s just the kids. Our boys. They know exactly who this woman is and I’m not there to console them. I’m not there because I can’t see them. And I can’t hold them. I’m going to miss our boys. They’re all so different from one another. It’s hard but I’m going to miss it. And tucking them in at night. Our trips and Christmas….”

With emotions running high, the interview concluded on a lighter note.

“I’m a firm believer in everything happens for a reason and my knight in shining armor is out there and hopefully he’ll come in due time.”

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Oh, and there’s a major lesson to take away from this split!

“I will say, I am done dating rich guys!”

LOLz!! She added:

“He was the first wealthy man I have ever been with and I think I am ready to be with somebody who just knows how to respect me and love me back the way I love. Because I love hard. I love really hard. Someone better is out there who can respect that and I have to be positive because my children depend on it.”

Guess it’s true what they say, money can’t buy everything! Watch the entire interview (below)!

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[Image via Up and Adam!/YouTube & Porsha Williams/Instagram]

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