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Holy Shiz!!!!!!!


Independent music is alive and thriving!!!!!!

We are filled with emotion today. Good songs and great albums can still be made and get out there to the public without having to be a part of the corporate machine.

After we posted this entry yesterday on the brilliant Eric Hutchinson, his new album – Sounds Like This – not only jumped out of nowhere onto the iTunes chart but it raced up all the way to #9. Number nine! All this without being on a freakin’ label!!!!!!!

That’s INSANE!

Guess you guys agreed with us, Eric Hutchinson is awesome.

And, one of our other favorites, the fucking phenomenal Meiko is doing well too!!!!

We featured her exquisite tunes in this post back in July.

Meiko‘s self-financed and SELF-RELEASED album is currently at #85 on the iTunes chart!!!

We are just soooo incredibly happy that you guys value Perez’s opinion when it comes to music. And, more importantly, we are thrilled that we can help some truly deserving artists get a little bit of recognition.

Music is our passion and we love to share it!

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Sep 06, 2007 10:23am PDT