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Hugh Hefner's Son Blasts 'Master Manipulator' Crystal, Says She Drugged Up Hef & Made Changes To His Will!

Hugh Hefner's Son Blasts 'Master Manipulator' Crystal, Says She Made Changes To Hef's Will!

Hugh Hefner‘s son isn’t buying any of Crystal‘s claims!!

On this week’s new bombshell episode of Girls Next Level, Hef’s son Marston Hefner is calling out his stepmom on what she’s been saying about his poppa. Instead he’s spilling all the details of what he’s heard she was really like in the Playboy Mansion! Crystal’s book Only Say Good Things: Surviving Playboy and Finding Myself has made some eye-opening claims as to what life was like with the Playboy founder. But according to Marston, all that spilled tea isn’t necessarily the truth!

In fact, while speaking to Bridget Marquardt and Holly Madison, the 34-year-old said his late dad’s wife might be a “master manipulator” who always had her eyes on the prize of being Hef’s “only girlfriend”:

“When Crystal came in, there started to be tribes. There were people that were on Crystal’s team … [She became obsessed with] the idea of control and power. She liked being in that position where you had to go through her or you had to ask her for things.”


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The editor added that Crystal apparently had so much control over his dad, she eventually got final say on the guest list, which led to a total power trip:

“She liked controlling the guest list. She liked taking girls off and on the guest list pending on whatever the whims were at the time … You knew to be a little scared sometimes, to not get on her bad side.”

Marston claimed some girls that had been coming and going from the mansion for “10 or 15 years” had suddenly been banned — and that’s not all! He said he heard Crystal even got control over the guest list for the 91-year-old’s funeral — and totally screwed up the family’s mourning process:

“I have heard that Crystal controlled the guest list for the funeral. I don’t know if that’s true. But whoever was in charge of the guest list for my father’s funeral, shame on you. There were people there who I’ve never seen in my entire life. There were people filming us on their iPhones documenting our grief.”


But the real offense took place before Hef passed, his son claims. Marston says the former Playmate took some sketchy actions shortly after his father “got sick”. He even compared the publisher’s death to that of Michael Jackson and his doctor. You know, the one who was charged with manslaughter? He says his dad was “dosed with f**king medication” all the time:

“That’s why she got all these NDA things. According to [Crystal], she didn’t want people to see him not able to walk, not able to talk … People can’t say no to these people. They didn’t say no, so they f**kin’ doped him up whenever he wanted to get doped up. He wasn’t here. He was so doped up he didn’t know what was going on.”

Whoa! Horrifying if true! Marston went on to even claim he believes Crystal manipulated his father’s mental decline to get herself more money! All by changing his will! He said:

“If you’re trying to protect your husband, would you let him dramatically change his finances when he’s not there?”


And as for Crystal’s denial of ever changing Hef’s will in her book? Not to mention al the awful accusations? He says it’s all total BS:

“It’s so bizarre. Because it would be easy to say, ‘Thanks, Hugh Hefner, for helping me build this amazing life that I have.’”

See the full podcast episode (here):

Wild! What are your thoughts on Marston’s shocking claims, Perezcious readers? Let us know in the comments (below)!

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