Hulk Hogan Reinstated To WWE Hall Of Fame Three Years After That Awful N-Word Controversy

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It’s been three years since Hulk Hogan was caught using the n-word on tape, taking a TON of heat for it in the public eye, and now it appears he’s back in the good graces of some of the organizations that previously left him behind.

According to a new report out this afternoon on TMZ, Hogan (nee Terry Bollea) is back in the Hall of Fame over at the WWE, having been reinstated to it after three years of redemption following his reported, shameful past use of the n-word.

In a statement issued on Sunday afternoon, the WWE announced that Hogan was being reinstated to their Hall of Fame.

They also mention that the second chance here isn’t just a product of time — it’s also a reinstatement following multiple apologies and volunteer work from Hulk, who had to completely rebuild his image after it being so disgraced just a few years ago.

Hulk hasn’t just apologized many times over, either — he was even inducted into the Boys & Girls Club Hall of Fame earlier this year on account of his work there in an attempt to make up for his mistakes of the past.

Now, he’s back with the WWE, and they’re apparently very happy that Hogan has been working so hard to rebuild his image… especially with kids.

Good for you, Hulk.

[Image via WENN.]

Jul 15, 2018 5:57pm PDT