Jennifer Lawrence Is Getting Twitter Heat For Scratching Her Butt With Sacred Hawaiian Rocks!

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When you gotta scratch, you gotta scratch!

Last Friday, Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt stopped by The Graham Norton Show to help promote their sci-fi flick Passengers.

While Chris got downright magical, Jen told an embarrassing story about ass scratching — one that’s now causing her some friction…

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While filming one of the Hunger Games movies in Hawaii, the 26-year-old had a REALLY itchy butt, so she decided to scratch it on some rocks… that just happened to be sacred to the local people.

Oh, and the rocks shifting caused a mini landslide that almost killed a crew member!

After the actress shared the story, Twitter went crazy as several people tweeted their anger and frustration over Lawrence’s actions:

Sounds like a lot of people are done with their

But one fan came to Jen’s defense, pointing out she had already told the story a few years ago and mentioned she didn’t find out about the special rocks until much later:

And then there were those that enjoyed the story and were annoyed at the backlash:

Ch-ch-check out J.Law’s embarrassing story at the 2:25 mark (below) and let us know your thoughts on the controversy!

Dec 8, 2016 3:52pm PDT