The Reason John Edwards Split With His Baby Momma!

John Edwards dumped rielle hunter

That’s right! We finally know the reason John Edwards decided to split with Rielle Hunter!

The mistress-turned-mother revealed on Good Morning America this week that her relationship with the former presidential candidate was over. However, she wouldn’t say who called it quits or why because “that’s private.”

Not anymore! Sources are saying that Edwards DUMPED her because his daughter, Cate Edwards, gave him the ultimatum to choose between Rielle or her.

Since the 30-year-old lawyer was offended by Rielle’s version of What Really Happened, a source has explained:

“She’s told pals she’ll be there for her little brother and sister, but isn’t going to speak to her father unless he breaks it off with Rielle.”

Considering the book refers to Elizabeth Edwards as “vile” and “a witch on wheels,” we COMPLETELY understand Cate’s perspective.

We just hope John’s decision doesn’t mean that he won’t be anything less than 100% supportive of his young daughter with Rielle.

Do U think John Edwards made the right decision to end his relationship with his baby’s momma?

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Jun 28, 2012 8:45am PDT

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