John Edwards Suffered A Heart Attack Scare Because He Drinks Too Much?!?

john edwards suffered a heart attack scare

John Edwards better lay off that booze!

The politician was recently rushed to the N.C. Memorial Hospital after he experienced a heart attack scare, and according to his doctors… if he doesn’t stop throwing back his stiff drinks, he could be dead in the next six months.

An insider close to Edwards said that the former democratic candidate called his mistress, Rielle Hunter when he felt pain in his chest, and she hurried on over to his crib.

The source added:

“John was at home when he started to feel pain and tightness in his chest. He was certain that he was having a heart attack, so he called Rielle. She rushed over from her place nearby and drove him to the emergency room.”

John has been released from the hospital, and we just hope that he listens to his doctors because if he has one more drink — his body might just call it quits.

Stay healthy, Edwards!

[Image via WENN.]

Mar 6, 2013 11:29am PDT