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Josh Duhamel Is 'A Doomsday Prepper' Now!

Josh Duhamel Is Preparing A ‘Doomsday’ Cabin In Case ‘S**t Hits The Fan’

Josh Duhamel is staying ahead of the game.

The actor may live in Hollywood where he’s gotten to live the dream of being Jennifer Lopez’s husband in Shotgun Wedding and fighting alien robots in Transformers — but if it ever comes down to it, he’s ready to trade all that in to live off the grid.

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In an interview with Inverse last week, the 50-year-old shared that he’s working on building up a disaster-ready estate deep in the wilderness in the event of a “doomsday” event. He told the outlet:

“I’ve become a bit of a doomsday prepper, I guess.”

This isn’t to say that Josh feels a storm is coming any time soon, or has any immediate plans to leave the limelight. But he wants a bit of insurance if the day ever were to come. He shared:

“I’m learning how to hunt. I fish. I’m building something so if things do go south, I have a place to take my family.”

Honestly not a bad idea! Maybe he’s been watching The Last of Us! LOLz!

The Life as We Know It star shared that he’s been getting his hands dirty while building the North Dakota estate, which sits on a lake in the middle of nowhere:

“I have a tractor. I have a skid steer. I’m changing tires. I’m changing oil. I’m fixing things. I’m moving dirt, I’m popping rocks. There’s this 2-mile road through the woods to get out there. When you see that lake, it’s like your blood pressure drops by 25 percent.”

On how the property came to be, he explained:

“It started with one little cabin in the woods with no electricity and no water. We would go and we didn’t wanna stay for more than a day or two. You could tell the mice had overrun it. It was disgusting. Then, the cabin on the property next to that one went up for sale, and I bought it for like nothing; this beautiful little idyllic cabin on the water. Suddenly I had 54 acres out there. So I had two cabins, one with no electricity or water. They both have wells and electricity now, but they’re both really small. We shaped the land. We created trails through it. I’m actually growing crops out there.”

He proudly added:

“We started with clover and chicory and stuff, mostly just to feed the deer. It was my first time ever tilling, you know, clearing a space of land and tilling it and seeding it. This year I’m gonna grow pumpkins and corn.”

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Wow, props to Josh! That sounds like a TON of work! But it’s all worth it to him to make sure his family will have a safe place in case “s**t hits the fan.” He explained:

“I have this crazy fixation on what happens if sh*t hits the fan in LA and I have to take my family out there and live off the land.”

The Buddy Games: Spring Awakening director added:

“We have water. We have fuel. I’m building something so if things do go south, I have a place to take my family. And I believe that we could live off the land out there. I’m not very good at it yet, but I’m getting there.”

Sounds like he’s well on his way!

Josh was married to Fergie from 2009 to 2019, and the two welcomed son Axl in 2013. He’s since remarried with model Audra Mari, but we’re sure if things were to go south, he’d make some room in that extra cabin for his baby momma.

Thoughts, Perezcious readers? Is this a smart move for the actor? Let us know in the comments down below!

[Images via Josh Duhamel/Instagram & NBC/YouTube]

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