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Julia Fox Bursts Into Tears Mourning ‘Little Sister’ Eva Evans In Heartbreaking TikTok

Julia Fox Bursts Into Tears While Mourning ‘Little Sister’ Eva Evans In Heartbreaking TikTok

Julia Fox is completely devastated over TikTok star Eva Evans’ death… And has some heartbreaking words to share in her honor.

On Sunday, Eva’s sister Lila announced the 29-year-old sadly passed away in a somber Instagram post.

While her cause of death hasn’t been made public, fans have since poured in sharing their love for the late Club Rat creator. Including the famous ones like Julia.

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On Monday, the Uncut Gems star took to TikTok to stitch Eva’s final video — one “sticking up” for JoJo Siwa’s recent edgy rebrand. She said:

“This video has nothing to do with JoJo and everything to do with Eva, the girl in the video that I’m sure a lot of you know. She was a TikTok star and a New York icon. I always saw her like a little sister, and I know she looked up to me. That’s the kind of person she was — sticking up for JoJo, always sticking up for me. And she passed away and she was so young. Still had so much to do in life. But she lived life to the fullest.”

Awww, that’s so sad… You can tell what a profound impact Eva had on Julia. The mother of one then referenced the late celeb gossip TikToker Kyle Marisa Roth’s sudden and shocking death earlier this month, adding:

“I don’t know what’s happening because we just lost Kyle last week and I feel like I live so much on this app. I feel like you guys are my family, and I just don’t know what’s happening.”

See heart-wrenchingly captioned the video:

“RIP EVA. NYC will *never* be the same without you.”

See (below):


#stitch with @Eva Evans | NYC ???? RIP EVA. NYC will *never* be the same without you.

♬ original sound – Julia fox

She also commented on Eva’s original video, writing:

“I will miss you so much I love you so much”

So sad. Rest in peace, Eva.

[Images via Julia Fox/TikTok & Eva Evans/Instagram]

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Apr 22, 2024 16:30pm PDT

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