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Kyle Marisa Roth Talked About Her Severe Depression In Heartbreaking Posts Months Before Death

TikToker Kyle Marisa Roth Detailed Severe Depression Months Before Death In Heartbreaking Resurfaced Posts

TikTok star Kyle Marisa Roth sadly battled a bad bout of depression in the months before her death.

In social media posts from about two months ago, the celeb gossip influencer spoke in depth about her mental health struggles and how they affected her life — particularly post-COVID. In one resurfaced Instagram Story, Kyle confessed she was “struggling so badly with depression,” before asking her followers to stop reaching out with supportive words. She said:

“I get overwhelmed when people reach out to me when I’m depressed… trying to navigate my brain now that COVID has changed it. I don’t need to be told ‘it’s going to be okay,’ I only need you to understand if I don’t respond to you for 3 months IT BECAUSE OF ME, nothing to do with you.”

That’s so sad.

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Another series of Story posts detailed more of Kyle’s mental health struggles, which she said were exasperated in the wake of her internet stardom:

“Bottom line is I’m just super f**king depressed and I haven’t had a depressive episode this bad since the 2010s and I started having a more public life. So this is really challenging for me to navigate — it was too hard for me before just managing the intrusive thoughts literally just taking a shower everyday — having to do all that while also keeping my s**t together for the public internet is something I’m still figuring out.”

She added at the time:

“Now I have a whole internet aware of my personal business — I’m still learning how to navigate this in the best way for both myself and everyone else. Because NOT being honest and transparent about my mental illnesses is simply not an option for me — I know me struggling publicly will ultimately help someone else, including my own self!!”

How truly heartbreaking. She spoke more about how the “multiple genocides” in the world lately had also been a trigger for her worsening mental health, and urged followers to not be offended by her lack of communication through her DMs. See (below):

Kyle Marisa Roth Talking About Depression
(c) Kyle Marisa Roth/Instagram
Kyle Marisa Roth Talking About Depression
(c) Kyle Marisa Roth/Instagram

The TikToker was also transparent about her health struggles, including colon cancer, which she beat. Just in February, she posted about her slew of surgeries:

Kyle was also a proud activist as a sexual assault survivor, explaining in an April 2023 post that the reasons he referred to herself as a “gossip activist” is because when she told the truth about her assault, it was labeled “gossip.”

Poor, poor Kyle. She clearly had a lot on her plate. Sadly, her toxicology report won’t be ready for another month at the very least.

The social media star’s family announced the news of her death on social media on Monday. Rest in peace, Kyle.

[Images via Kyle Marisa Roth/Instagram]

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