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JWoww & Angelina Pivarnick THROW DOWN As The 'Jersey Shore' Cast Looks On!

JWoww Angelina Pivarnick Fight Jersey Shore Family Vacation

The fight between JWoww and Angelina Pivarnick is proving to be one of the most vicious and lasting in Jersey Shore history!

As we know, the feud is still going on in the real world timeline — and now we’re seeing more of the face-to-face confrontations that went on when these two ladies were stuck in a house together!

To catch up, it started when Angelina loudly complained about the behavior of Jenni Farley‘s man, “24” (aka Zack Clayton Carpinello).

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The way she told it, Zack was being highly inappropriate with her, not only grilling her about her sex life but also getting handsy.

(It turned out it was inappropriate enough for JWoww to split from Zack, at least temporarily — but that was only after she watched what the cameras captured when the episode aired. This fight was before that.)

At the time JWoww clearly wasn’t buying it, as she prods Angelina in front of everyone in a brand new preview of tonight’s Jersey Shore: Family Vacation:

“How much do you commit to a lie?”

Dayum! It’s enough of a spark for Pauly D and Vinny Guadagnino to know the firestorm coming and straight up leave the table! She reacts to Angelina’s stunned face with another jab, saying:

“I would be the same way if I felt guilty, too.”


Angelina fight Jersey Shore
(c) MTV/YouTube

Remember, Zack told JWoww it was Angelina who tried to kiss him. That’s obviously the info she’s working from. The Dirty Little Hamster goes into defense mode, saying:

“I never tried to kiss your man, girl.”

But JWoww, isn’t even giving her a chance, shooting her down with:

“But you did. You did. You did and then you want to lie about a nipple piercing and you actually committed to that lie, too.”

Angelina preempts any R-rated challenge, declaring:

“I don’t have to show you s**t. I’m not gonna show you my f**kin’ tit.”

The fight quickly gets back to the real issue at hand, the homewrecking accusation, as JWoww shoots:

“I’m not the one that’s kissing other men, showing my vagina…”

Angelina won’t even let her finish before defending herself again:

“I would never kiss somebody else. I don’t even think your man is hot.”

And OMG JWoww’s look of disbelief at that…

JWoww Jersey Shore fight
(c) MTV/YouTube

The fight devolves into some very immature name-calling, despite the best efforts of mediator Deena Cortese.

Eventually JWoww slams Angelina’s relationship, saying her problems with fiancé Chris Larangeira are her own fault:

“You sit here and you want to disrespect your man with half my roommates. Then you look at everyone and you go, ‘I don’t understand why I have problems in my relationship. I don’t understand why Chris has such anger issues.’ Here’s the reason, Angelina: Stop disrespecting your man!”

That clearly feels below the belt for Pivarnick as she hits just as low!

“I don’t disrespect my man. What about your divorce that f**king happened that you don’t want us to talk about?”

Ouch. JWoww has been very sensitive about her split from baby daddy Roger Mathews, and everyone knows it!

JWoww points out the not talking about it thing *is* respect!

“Because I respect my kids and I respect my husband. That’s how you get a divorce.”

Angelina clearly feels she’s won the point. But she’s still furious.

In her interview later, she says about her castmate:

“All I know is that she’s a deflector. She deflects, she’s a hypocrite. She’s a f**ing bulls**t artist and she’s lying right now about me and her f**ing 24-year-old sperm bank donor boyfriend. Sorry, don’t want your man.”

See the whole fight for yourself (below) and catch the episode in full tonight at 8 p.m. EST on MTV!

[Image via MTV/YouTube.]

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