Kate Upton’s Witness Has Apparently Been Ignoring Guess Investigations In Sexual Harassment Probe Against Paul Marciano!

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The Guess investigation into Kate Upton‘s sexual harassment claims against co-founder Paul Marciano is only getting messier!

Days after the 25-year-old declined to be interviewed by the independent law firm that Guess hired to take over the investigation, it’s now being reported that Upton’s witness is also refusing to cooperate.

According to TMZ, photographer Yu Tsai has yet to return multiple phone calls and emails asking him to talk to investigators. The photog, who Upton claims witnessed Marciano groping her, had previously corroborated her story with TIME.

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One reason investigators think Yu suddenly went silent might be the dozens of emails he sent the alleged groper over the years.

In one email dating back to July 2010, right after Kate claims the groping went down, Yu wrote that the model asked him for Marciano’s phone number so she could thank him for the Guess clothing he sent.

Other emails show Yu consulting with Marciano about future shoots with Upton and gushing about getting to work for Guess, seemingly giving a very different vibe than the one the model painted in her account.

Or perhaps, like Upton, Yu still thinks the investigation is biased against them? Either way, the truth sure won’t come out if the witness isn’t willing to talk.

[Image via Media Punch.]

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Mar 16, 2018 5:44pm PDT

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