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Katie Maloney Blasts 'Soulless' Raquel Leviss & Reveals Eerie Scandoval Warning She Gave To Ex Tom Schwartz!

Katie Maloney Blasts 'Soulless' Raquel Leviss & Reveals Eerie Scandoval Warning She Gave To Ex Tom Schwartz!

Katie Maloney is going in!!

The Vanderpump Rules veteran popped up on former Bachelor star Nick Viall‘s popular Viall Files podcast this week for a long discussion about everything related to Scandoval.

Of course, the cheating scandal involving VPR star Tom Sandoval and co-star Raquel Leviss — which went down for months behind Ariana Madix‘s back — continues to play out in the public eye. Katie isn’t the only VPR vet to pop up on Viall’s podcast to chat about it, either. So you know this is going to be good!!

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During Tuesday’s long show, the 36-year-old reality star reconsidered some of her own past red flags regarding the closeness of Sandoval and Leviss’ relationship before their affair came to light. According to Katie, the scandalous duo found all kinds of ways to casually hang out in recent months:

“I started realizing … when Ariana was not around, they’ll still be hanging out. If Ariana chooses not to go to a party or an event, well Tom and Raquel will just go together.”


Explaining that there “was something off about the situation,” Katie continued:

“Something that reeked a bit to me, [but] Tom has had really good girlfriends in the past.”

Of course, Katie was right to be suspicious, as it turns out.

But the hangouts were small potatoes! In fact, it was those infamous lightning bolt necklaces that really grabbed her eye!! Looking back on the 40-year-old restaurateur’s decision to get matching lightning bolts with the 28-year-old Leviss, Katie said:

“I notice things my friends are wearing, especially something all the time, [and ask], ‘Is that new? What’s the significance?’ A lightning bolt [is] not, like, a heart or a butterfly. It’s not like it’s cute. I would have been like, ‘what’s with the lightning bolt?’ But no one did.”

But since she wasn’t really in Tom and Raquel’s friend group, it wasn’t necessarily Katie’s place to say anything:

“I think that, like, when you’re so close to something that maybe you can’t see it.”

No kidding!

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The Viall Files appearance got really spicy when Katie slammed Raquel for staying over recently at the home Tom still shares with Ariana. Madix, of course, is out of town right now filming a movie. But for Tom to have Leviss over at the crib in such a brazen way was seriously surprising to Maloney.

Katie called Raquel “thick-skulled,” and a “soulless” person, and added:

“You don’t just pop by and bring all your overnight luggage. She has her own place that they could go, I mean this whole thing began out of just poor judgment and just no shame. For them to apply any of that now? Please.”


Katie also explained to Viall that she has spoken to her ex-husband Tom Schwartz about being careful with his reputation when it come to Sandoval. The two Toms are partners in TomTom together, so their business has a lot at stake as Scandoval continues to unfold. Katie revealed how she carefully warned Schwartz about exactly that dynamic:

“I think the main thing with Tom and Tom that we’ve seen in [the] past is that Schwartz is very much subservient to Tom [Sandoval] in a lot of ways. [Schwartz] lets Tom kind of dominate him and the friendship and the business. And because Schwartz kind of, like, wants to just go with the flow and doesn’t want to be confrontational about things had the roles been reversed — let’s say in this whole situation with the Scandoval — I told him that, you know, ‘I think Tom would throw you under the bus and save himself. He would drown you if the ship was sinking and save [himself]. He would hop in a lifeboat. So as much as you want to say that isn’t true or you don’t think that would happen, like, think about it. Because I think that would.'”

She continued:

“I’m like, ‘now that you’ve really hitched your wagon to this person, and you’re in business with this person, and the fact that they could go out into the world, and be so careless and not think about the ramifications and how it could affect you — that has to be frustrating to you.’ [Schwartz] is just very much concerned about the business. … And is like, ‘I don’t think the business should have to fail because of it.'”

Wow! Getting very real indeed!!

At the end of the day, Maloney recognizes (correctly) that the TomTom brand is based on Schwartz and Sandoval being successful in a way that is “solely based” off their personas. When that gets tarnished, the business takes a real hit.

Katie concluded:

“I don’t like cancel culture in that sense [or] in general, [but], like, when your business is solely based off your reputation … if you want to be the fun guys who, you know, everyone wants to come have a drink with, you better maintain that you’re a fun guy that someone wants to have a drink with.”

Honestly that seems like some pretty good (and deep) business advice considering this scandalous affair situation…

You can see all of Katie’s commentary on Viall’s podcast (below):

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