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Tom Sandoval Is Doing Boyfriend Things For Raquel Leviss!! LOOK!

Tom Sandoval Dating Raquel Leviss Boyfriend Activity Photos

OK, has enough time passed that we can just admit it? Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss are boyfriend and girlfriend? We mean, we feel like we’re back in high school!

The couple hooked up for months behind the back of Arana Madix — and the fallout destroyed his relationship, ended multiple friendships, and turned Vanderpump Rules into the most talked-about reality show of the moment. An affair that powerful, and they’re just going to walk away after being discovered? No way!

Sandoval and Raquel have kept seeing one another since the news went public — the SUR waitress was even seen doing the walk of shame from his house last week. Yes, the same house he still shares with ex Ariana, who was away shooting a movie! So they’re obviously together. But are they together together? They’ve been so reticent to commit publicly.

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Raquel herself said they were “not putting a label on anything” and even “kind of taking a break for now.” But all this beating around the bush seems to be because they’re scared of what people will think. After all, they became reality TV supervillains overnight from having an affair — they must think going official will get them run out of Tinseltown on a rail! So they refuse to give in and admit they’re full-on dating.


They can’t hide their actions! And those speak louder than words!

On Sunday Sandoval did something that no random hookup partner would do. This was total boyfriend behavior. Y’all ready? Because this is serious. He… drove her to the airport!

Look, we know how that sounds. But you have to understand, in El Lay, taking someone to the airport is a huge deal. LAX is really far, it’s a huge hassle, no one wants to do it, that’s why Lyft was invented. It may be an annoying task in other places. But in El Lay, you have to LOVE someone to drive them to the airport.

If that wasn’t enough to convince you Sandoval is definitely Raquel’s boyfriend… It wasn’t just the drive. In photos obtained by Page Six, he can be seen stopping by her apartment first, where he is said to have spent a while. Then they came out with her luggage. Y’all. He helped her pack! And then he carried some of her bags! We mean…

After he personally drove her to the airport, he returned home. So it was NOT on his way or anything either. As for where Raquel was headed, we have no idea — but she did have quite a lot of luggage. We’d guess a trip of at least a week. Long vacation to clear her head? A little distance to make the heart grow fonder? Or just trying to get away from all the hate?? Hmm… You can see the pics HERE btw.

Where do YOU think Raquel was headed? And more importantly, are you satisfied this is proof these two are official? Even if they won’t say it out loud? Let us know in the comments below!

[Image via Tom Sandoval/Raquel Leviss/Instagram.]

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Apr 03, 2023 13:00pm PDT

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